Swedish producers ON1Y release debut single ‘Airplane Mode’ via Cosmos Music

Sweden’s newest unidentified producers, ON1Y, are making with their debut single ‘Airplane Mode’ on Cosmos Music. The newly established producer duo are breaking into the sphere of dance music equipped and with a punch.

Not many have heard about the musical stylings of the mysterious new act emerging from Sweden, but not for long.

ON1Y is the latest addition to the diverse roster of clients on Scandinavian label .

Inspired by our generation’s prevalent mobile phone addiction, ON1Y wrote and produced the track ‘Airplane Mode’.

The track cleverly takes the lyrics and juxtaposes their weighted meaning with a catchy, bop-inducing groove. At first listen, ‘Airplane Mode’ is just another “live in the moment” summer anthem with a spectacular bassline.

However, what makes this record special how it advocates for a world where everyone can turn on airplane mode and allow themselves to be fully present.

The track is set for release on May 18th along with a poignant music video that will premiere on the same day. This is only the first of many exciting projects that ON1Y have in store for the remainder of 2018.

Keep in touch with ON1Y to stay up to date with their upcoming releases & gigs.

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