Don Diablo

Hilda and Don Diablo magnificent collab “Wake Me When It’s Quiet”

Dutch mastermind Don Diablo is definitely in a frantic pace of production creativity. This time along with Hilda, Hexagon‘s boss releases a magnificent new track on his own label. Titled “Wake Me When It’s Quiet“, his new offering is a mid-midtempo mid-future house, seduced on the break, less on the drop and adapted to a slower (viral)bpm.

Deeply moved by the tragedy of Avicii’s passing, Swedish singer/songwriter recently wrote and composed the demo of ‘Wake Me When It’s Quiet‘.

When Don Diablo heard it, he was so moved that he agreed to do whatever he could to help bring the song to the world. And here it is, officially out now on HEXAGON.

Don Diablo proves once again that he is in a really good mood. How else can you explain the shining beacon of joy and positivity that is his 16-track album Future on his music imprint Hexagon. 

Even the title is a reminder of great things to come, and it’s an upward motion designed to make you dance and smile right from the opening track.

It’s a deeply personal project for the producer. He’s been chiseling it out of the ether for the last few years, giving life to a myriad of this emotions through trials and triumphs alike.

‘s voice on”Wake Me When It’s Quiet” is the main reason behind of its release, as the track has just the same characteristic elements of Don Diablo‘s sound with no intention of further experimentation. However, its a dope track.

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