Pete Dash Interview

Pete Dash – Exclusive Interview With The Prince Of Edits

Being dubbed as the ‘Prince of Edits’, Pete Dash is the future limelight for Netherlands. He started his music career editing and reworking tracks for a broad range of artists from different genres, but now the Dutch groover is spreading his original releases like across electronic music. Amounting to several solo and collaborative productions, Pete Dash tries to expand his mark and signature on the ever growing Dance industry.

Recognized for his ability to create an immersive storytelling through a musical journey, the ‘Prince of Edits’ has seen action on numerous stages over recent years, brining you ‘our house and our house music’, while he has already established the well-respected podcast ‘Back to Jack House’ where the DJ has accustomed his unique and iconic vibe moulding virtually every genre into one cohesive work. Viralbpm sat down with Pete Dash to discuss about the importance of his reworks or remodes in his career so far, latest releases, favorite talented newcomers and future plans, including six brand new tracks!

V1. How has 2017 treated you Pete Dash? Did you have a good year?

Pete Dash: 2017 has been a big change. The past year I finally got round to finishing and signing several tracks which I’ve been working on for months. Think the toughest part about the music industry, especially as an artist, is getting started. However so far it has treated me really well. The response both live but also online has been really great. Additionally I’ve just signed with RedHead Agency and we’re working really hard on making this year a bang! It’s good knowing the people you work with have the same passion and values, we even go out together from time to time. So in that regard the year couldn’t get any better.

V2. You’ve started your music career editing reworking tracks for a broad range of artists from different genres. What would you say to those producers who believe that reworks or remodes are a waste of time and focus only on making original tracks? Did it help you in being recognizable?

Pete Dash: Would have to thank you guys here for dubbing me The Prince of Edits! But it’s a solid question; can definitely image people state doing reworks is a waste of time. Particularly when it’s so hard to get these official signed. However, I’ve always looked at music from a live perspective instead of something I do in the studio. In that sense doing originals is just an extension of what I was doing with my reworks or remodes – creating that idea I was looking for in my sets. And yes – apart from that it also gained me widespread recognition because I was (and still am) always on the lookout for unique combinations.

V3. Just a few weeks ago you delivered ‘Burning Sun‘ on Staar Traxx! How do you feel about that release?

Pete Dash: Working on ‘Burning Sun’ with Nico has been really great. He’s such a talented and stand-up guy and we’re really happy with the feedback and support so far. It took a while to get it nailed down, especially since the guitar in the break was something which was live recorded. But we’re extremely happy with the final result and have been working on a lot of new music!

V4. Tell us more about the house influences behind your two showstopper tracks ‘Tigers Milk‘ and ‘Bocca‘.

Pete Dash: Although the ‘Tigers Milk’ EP was my first release, it wasn’t the first project I started working on. The EP actually is the result of something I was looking for in my livesets. I needed a track to open my show with (Tigers Milk) but also a personal tune to fill the more techy sets (Bocca). I got the initial idea for Tigers Milk when I was brainstorming with Blake Light (who I worked with on Yakuza). He showed me the sample. This quickly turned into the heavy percussion track which it is right now, to get the energy right everytime I open my sets.

V5. What’s your favorite moment so far? Any interesting stories you’d like to speak of?

Pete Dash: It’s hard to say there’s one particular moment, as I get so much energy from nailing down the ideas I have in my head exactly right and then testing them out live. To me personally DJ’ing and producing isn’t so much about the crowd or standing on a stage. It’s more about dancing together and having people get the same experience I have with music. But if I’d had to pick one single moment, I’d say this was when the resident at the Escape Club Amsterdam jumped in the booth with me to start doing a dance-off because he just couldn’t stand still!

V6. Who’s your favorite producer nowadays and which newcomers would you characterize as up-and-coming?

Pete Dash: Simply put, I think there’s a such a big distinction between newcomer DJ’s and producers. There’s so many talented guys that are working in their studio on the most crazy sounds, for instance Simon Kidzoo, but also or my friends Divolly and Markward to name a few. But the real difference for me is when they’re on stage and are actually performing. So in terms of up-and-coming I’m always looking at their productions, but also sets. In that respect, I’d say my friends and Tom Tyger are really ones I personally look out for.

V7. What should we expect next from you in 2018? Any new tracks or collab scheduled?

Pete Dash: Wish I could spoil this one for you, but without revealing too much there’s at least six more tracks coming out including a few huge collaborations. The track I did with Rayven & Valexx for instance which is being supported by Tom Staar is definitely one I’m very excited about.

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