Zonderling will light up your night with “Nightcall”

Zonderling prepare to light up the night with their new hit single ‘Nightcall‘ on Spinnin’ Records, featuring a deliciously rich vocal line from UK vocalist Kye Sones. The Dutch duo utilises a unique yet irresistible signature style for this record, that fuses pop lead lines with lush synth sound and warm, punchy bass.

We’re super excited about this release, as it really feels like we have found the right balance between it being a full-vocal song-structured ‘radio’ track as well as a sonically intense experience. Big up Kye Sones for being an amazing songwriter, vocalist and actor in the music video.” says Zonderling.

Nightcall‘ featuring Kye Sones is a future anthem and will no doubt be making its way up the charts all across the globe. The catchy vocal hook, layered over a pumping bass, locks you into the electrifying feeling we all crave so much.

Moreover, Zonderling haven’t even finished celebrating the success of their previous single with Indie-Tropic maestro, Lost Frequencies. “Crazy” is still number 1 in Belgium and Germany and has also racked up almost 30 million streams on Spotify.

This places Zonderling up in the realms of electronic stardom, but despite this, the Dutchmen remain refreshingly underground and true to their own niche. The duo continue also to build upon their diamond-encrusted reputation with festival performances and fresh hits left, right and centre. It doesn’t look like anything will stand in the way of Zonderling’s rise to the top!

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