Jenia's newly-established imprint Label X releases its second track titled "For You" by  Jordan Ferrer, TNY & LUQ and ROOSX.

Jenia’s imprint Label X releases “For You” by Jordan Ferrer vs TNY & LUQ vs ROOSX

Jenia‘s newly-established imprint Label X releases its second track titled “For You” by  Jordan Ferrer, TNY & LUQ and ROOSX. Following the debut track “Midnight” by Monzaa and Jenia, tripple collaboration “For You” garnered the early support from Tiesto and Nicky Romero.

In 2017 British duo TNY & LUQ unleashed some great progressive anthems, including “Aurora” and their magnificent efforts with “Dreams” on Arcadia,  “Epiphany“ and “Gloria“ on Arise Records.

Cypriot Jenia launched Label X with his good friend Phillip Ora from Los Angeles, who’s the co-founder & the label director. “We’ve been discussing music in general for the last two and shared our thoughts on how our label would be. We are not slaves to a genre. We want to release just good music. Our upcoming releases will reflect that & identity will come naturally“, says Jenia.

According to Jenia, upcoming releases LX003 and LZ004 are XLarge but, LX002 record “For You” by Jordan Ferrer, TNY & LUQ and ROOSXis a very special one! Listen to this track and tell your opinion.

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