What So Not Announces Debut Album ‘Not All The Beautiful Things’ on Counter Records

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Australia’s is pleased to announce his long awaited debut album Not All The Beautiful Things out March 9th via Counter Records — featuring frequent collaborator Skrillex, legendary rock lords Toto, plus San Holo and SLUMBERJACK to name only a few.

Over three in the making, Not All the Beautiful Things is about transformation and metamorphosis, a culmination of everything the Australian-born artist has been working towards as he’s built his reputation as one of the most innovative producers in the game, garnering over 455 million combined streams in the process. More than an album, it’s a fully realized artistic statement in which What So Not is in full control of every aspect, from the stage design and visuals to the music videos and merchandise. “I didn’t want to put anything out that doesn’t cohesively match the essence of the songs,” explains the man behind it all.

What So Not enlisted someted friends to help represent the many moods and voices of the project. The 12-track album will include his last single “Be Ok Again” featuring former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns as well as his brand new single “Stuck In Orbit” which has just dropped today – featuring vocals by BUOY and co-written by Jono Ma (of Jagwar Ma). Listen to “Stuck In Orbit” HERE.

Of “Stuck In Orbit” What So Not says: “This song started as a jam with Jono Ma (Jagwar Ma) in his film scoring studio. The vocals began as a sketch of adlibs from BUOY with only two words, drawn out across the verse “I ov-er comp-en-sate”. That set the tone for the entire piece; each word delivered with much thought and consideration. I wrote the next phase of the lyrics whilst ‘stuck in transit’. I had just reached a point of feeling settled in a special place with amazing people around me when (as usual) I had to pack up my life and jump from city to city for months on end. At the beginning of the journey a British Airways’ system crash left me stranded for a night sitting alone staring at a hotel wall. The circumstances compounded and I channeled the frustration and came up with the lines for and around “Stuck in Orbit”. Things came full circle as on this very trip I ended up crossing paths with Jono multiple times, jamming further on ideas for the song and when I finally returned, brainstormed the final elements of the vocal with Winona Oak & BUOY.”

For his debut project, What So Not tapped longtime collaborator Skrillex, and fellow Australian breakout stars SLUMBERJACK along with Rome Fortune, San Holo, Dyro and more. lends his versatile vocals to multiple tracks on the project. Johns praised What So Not saying, “Watching Emoh work is eye opening. A real professional with great vision.”

Perhaps most eyebrow-raising of all, the album features a collaboration with rock legends Toto. After of Emoh dropping their seminal sing-a-long hit “Africa” in his sets, Emoh was able to go into the studio with one of his favorite bands to write their new anthem “We Keep On Running.”

Having established himself as one of the world’s most revered electronic acts, it’s hard to believe that What So Not hasn’t yet released an album. The man behind such massive anthems as “High You Are” (50 million-plus streams), “Waiting” (with Skrillex and RL Grime), and his remix of RUFUS du Sol’s “Innerbloom” (#30 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 list for 2016), has a slew of EPs under his belt, including 2016’s widely-praised Divide & ConquerLast year What So Not released “Be Ok Again,” writing and performing the vocals himself for the first time. The song has garnered 2 million collective streams and was one of the most played songs on Australia’s Triple J throughout the summer.

Balancing prolific touring and studio time, 2017 saw What So Not close Coachella’s Gobi tent and headline Australia’s Listen Out festival and sold out shows across Europe, the USA and UK. His creative sphere has not been limited to music either, delving into the writing and co-directing of music videos, conceptualising his 600 square foot ‘Peacock Horse Monster-truck’ and heavy involvement in all aspects of the show programming. What So Not promises it’s just the beginning of what fans can expect from this exciting new phase of his evolution looking ahead to his 2018 touring schedule. “We’re creating this entire world that people can step into,” he says.

Opt in on Spotify HERE to be first to be the first to hear Not All The Beautiful Things and his newest creations come to life.


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What So Not – Not All The Beautiful Things 
1.    What So Not & SLUMBERJACK – Warlord
2.    What So Not – Be Ok Again (feat. Daniel Johns)
3.    What So Not – Beautiful (feat. Winona Oak)
4.    What So Not – Stuck In Orbit (feat. BUOY)
5.    What So Not & James Earl – Demons (feat. Rome Fortune & Tommy Swisher)
6.    What So Not & Skrillex – Goh (feat. KLP)
7.    What So Not & Toto – We Keep On Running
8.    What So Not & San Holo – If You Only Knew (feat. Daniel Johns)
9.    What So Not – Monsters (feat. Michael Christmas & tobi lou) 
10.    What So Not & Dyro – Bottom End
11.    What So Not – Same Mistakes (feat. Daniel Johns)
12.    What So Not – Us (feat. Daniels)


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WHAT SO NOT upcoming tour dates:
Wed 2.14 – London, UK @ Phonox
Thu 2.15 – Berlin, DE @ Gretchen
Fri 2.16 – Dresden, DE @ Kleinvieh
Sat 2.17 – Parma, IT @ Pulp
Sat 2.24 – Sydney, AUS @ Lost Cities Festival (under 18 only) 
Sat 3.3 – Brisbane, AUS @ Lost Cities Festival (under 18 only)
Sun 3.11 – Cabo San Lucas @ Sur Beach Bar 
Tues 3.12 – Rosarito, MX @ Papas and Beer
Wed 3.13 – Lake Havasu, AZ @ Nautical Beachfront Resort
Fri 3.16 – Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Lollapalooza South America
Sat 3.17 – Santiago, Chile @ Lollapalooza South America
Thur 3.22 – Curibita, Brazil @ James Bar
Fri 3.23 – Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Lollapalooza South America
Sun 3.25 – Miami, FL @ Ultra Music Festival
Fri 3.30 – Edmonton, AB – Northern Lights Music Festival
Sat 3.31 -Vancouver, BC @ Seasons Festival
Thu 4.5 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theatre
Fri 4.6 – Los Angeles, CA @ Palladium
Sat 4.7 – San Diego, CA @ The Observatory North Park
Sun 4.8 – Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
Wed 4.11 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Van Buren
Thu 4.12 – Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre
Fri 4.13 – Albuquerque, NM @ El Rey Theatre
Wed 4.18 – Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall
Thu 4.19 – Austin, TX @ Emo’s
Sat 4.21 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Varsity Theatre
Wed 4.25 – Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
Thu 4.26 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Peabody’s
Fri 4.27 – Richmond, VA @ The National
Sat 4.28 – Baltimore, MD @ Sound Stage Baltimore
Sun 4.29 – New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place
Thu 5.3 – Boston, MA @ Paradise
Fri 5.4 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
Thu – Sun 6.7 – 6.10 – Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo
+    More dates to be announced soon



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