Xenia Ghali

Xenia Ghali debuts on Sirup Music with radio-friendly ‘Stick Around’

After making some impressive waves in the dance music world over the past couple of with her consistently high quality outputs, Greek DJ/producer Xenia Ghali is back with ‘Stick Around', a track that is set to continue Xenia on her vertical trajectory into the upper echelons of the electronic scene.

After consecutive Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart #1's with her previous two offerings, ‘Under These Lights' and more recently Places', Xenia returns with a record that has the potential to eclipse those heights.

The multi-instrumentalist has previously showcased her extensive knowledge of musicality and arrangement. Her obvious talents in these departments are on glaring show for ‘Stick-Around'.

Piano chords instantly establish the song-focused nature of the track. Paired with the reminiscent, reverb laden vocal, is creates a match that firmly places ‘Stick Around' into radio friendly territory.

The drop unveils a different side to the story. As the deep wooden bass also gives the track heavy dancefloor credentials. It ensures its widespread appeal for fans across multiple genres. The intensity of the song builds throughout, increasing towards a crescendo of heartfelt lyrics, pounding basslines and glistening hats.

Xenia further strengthens her position as an artist with each release. With a wide array of talents and an ear for writing relatable, relevant dance music that span musical planes, pleasing her fans and gaining new ones in the process. With ‘Stick Around' on Sirup Music, Xenia Ghali provides a crossover track that is set to ensure she continues on the right path heading into 2018.

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