Mexican Dzahi brings Apocalypse on Mighty Records

Emerging from the unknown is the brilliant young mind of Dzahi. Hailing from Mexico, he makes his debut on Mighty Records with a glorious release, titled “Apocalypse“.

Emanating from this piece is pure darkness and raging adrenaline, featuring intense chords and energetic rhythms.

Overall, “Apocalypse” is quite a selcouth work of art; it is precisely the embodiment of creativity, quality and passion that we always aim for, and are very pleased to present it upon their label.

began its business on January 1st, 2016. Ever since then, it has been the label’s mission to bring thriving talents to the spotlight, and to keep creativity alive.

Last year, they recognized and supported numerous upcoming musicians such as DeepHust, Pol Ayke, Mark Voyst and Benjamin Barth.

With newcomer Dzahi  expand its roster and plan to continue doing so in 2018 and beyond. Listen to “Apocalypse” below or stream/buy it here.

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