Maori Levi

Maor Levi Sparks Long-awaited Return With New Single “Aurora” On Armada Trice

It's been quite a while since Maor Levi last indulged an Armada Music label with one of his melodically impeccable productions, but the wait is finally over. Today, the Israeli tastemaker touched down on Armada Trice with a brand-new single: ‘Aurora'. Stream/Buy to Maor Levi – Aurora here.

A marvelous debut of the Israeli DJ and producer on the label, ‘Aurora' is the sonic equivalent of a to behold. Starring sparkling plucks and glimmering chords, this musical phenomenon is a stunning record any dance music fan would travel thousands of miles for to hear. 

Maor Levi: “'Aurora' is basically me making my long-awaited comeback, and for my all-time fans who are all about the melodic side of Maor Levi. I made this track when I got my fire and passion to make the style that made me as a musician and I couldn't be more excited to share it with the world.” 

Since embarking on the scene at age seventeen, Maor Levi has grown into a globally respected artist. Whilst several top-class productions – including ‘Lital', ‘ Love', ‘On Our Own', ‘Wanna Be' and ‘Holding On' – proved key in amplifying his now peerless reputation as a musician, Maor Levi made name for himself on the live front as well, gracing stages at high-profile venues across the globe.

Now, with ‘Aurora' signaling a slew of new singles to come, Maor Levi does his ever- fan base proud with a ravishing offering that shows Maor Levi is back and also here to stay.

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