De Hofnar

De Hofnar’s first part of his debut album called ‘Kings And Queens’ on Armada

The go-to creator for hyper-infectious floor-fillers and melody-centric summer vibes, De Hofnar has more than earned his stripes in the world of dance music. And while he keeps supplying the scene with his deliciously flavored productions, he now enters a new in his career through a marvelous body of work: his debut album, And Queens.

Comprising seven singles of the highest possible quality across a range of and genres, ‘ and Queens’ is an album that could land any musician a spot on the electronic music throne.

Boiling down to one empowering message – “It’s time to start being the king of your own life” – the album sees De Hofnar reinvent himself and take the next step to realizing his full potential.

An album of royal quality via Armada, ‘ And Queens sets out to become one of the Dutchman’s crowning achievement. We bow to you, sir. Listen to the first part below or stream/buy it here.

And Queens Tracklist: 1. Kings and Queens, 2. Little Love, 3. Breakup Song, 4. Outrun, 5. Tell Me If I’m Wrong, 6. Wake Up

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