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Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper link up again for ‘Daydreaming’

When your signature sounds match as splendidly as the ones from Swanky Tunes and Going Deeper do, collaborating is most definitely a no-brainer. That could have very well be the exact train of thought of both dance music acts, who linked up on at least six occasions before and now drop yet another infectious team-up: ‘Daydreaming’. Listen to Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper feat. Tom Bailey – Daydreaming here.

Ready to charm its way onto every dance music fan’s favorite playlist, ‘Daydreaming’ stars Tom Bailey’s tender vocals amidst a mash of gentle vibes and dreamy piano chords. An invitation for every dance music lover to close their eyes and let the sound wash over them, this track shows exactly how much of a match made in heaven these two acts’ joint efforts are.

Both hailing from Russia, and Going Deeper have already had a taste of the success this new collaboration aims for. Moreover, two of their previous collaborations, ‘Till The End’ and ‘Far From Home’, notched up respectively eight and ten million streams on Spotify alone, earning their rightful spot alongside their best-performing records to date. Judging also by this song’s addictiveness, ‘Daydreaming’ could very well join those ranks and may be go beyond that to become their crowning achievement. 

Listen to Daydreaming’ featuring Tom Bailey via Showland Records below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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