Tonja Holma

Eric Prydz debuts 4-track EP under Tonja Holma alias on Pryda Presents

On Nov. 13, Eric Prydz debuted the first-ever EP under his Tonja Holma alias on his newly minted Pryda Presents label. The four-track project, including ‘Trippleton’, ‘Spanish Delight’, ‘Loco’, ‘Global’, broadens Prydz’s diverse, progressive exploration of the house music spectrum and introduces fans to another fresh sonic perspective that is as minimalistic as it is monumentally forward-thinking in terms of its sound design.

Despite headline-grabbing releases and sold-out headlining appearances, Eric Prydz remains rather reclusive. It’s his deep dedication to craft that leaves the Swedish house juggernaut in the highly enviable position of appealing to both dance music’s underground purists and the main-stage masses alike.

Always one to push the boundaries when it comes to production, Swedish DJ Eric Prydz has carved a reputation as something of a genius, utilising layered chords, and long electro-laden build-ups to create progressive masterpieces.

Whether producing under his Eric Prydz,  (progressive) or Cirez D (techno) monikers, you can always ensure that a Prydz production will be rubber-stamped with a hallmark of the highest quality.

Now, the Swede has unveiled his latest alias, titled Tonja Holma. The iconic producer has donned a fourth alias to expand his musical universe beyond even his prodigious catalog.

Holma is about exploring electronic textures and disco grooves through fat filtered synths and steady beats. It’s a futuristic sound for whatever interstellar dance floors he had in mind when it came to creating this new sound, but unsurpisingly, the move has been viewed as a huge success, with Prydz – or should we say Tonja – storming to the top of the Beatport charts ahead of ‘s highly acclaimed ‘Oi Oi’ EP, which has been destroying dancefloors worldwide.

The 4-track EP marks a cool new direction for Prydz’s artistic vision, with bouncy -esque sounds and a more ambient feel than his previous work. You can stream/buy it out on Beatport here.

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