Brobot Records Presents Amsterdam 2017 ADE Sampler

Set to infuse the plethora of ADE-flavored parties with ‘s reputable Brobot sound,
Brobot – Amsterdam 2017 ADE Sampler’ rises to give fans the night out they deserve.

Read our exclusive interview with Junior Sanchez

In addition to this, Packing records from the likes of ANTb, Dirty Secretz, IMIURU, Pinto (NYC), Raw Underground and more,
this flavorful nine-pack will make sure you’ll never ever forget what goes down at #ADE2017.

The American renowned DJ/producer recently released an excellent tribute album called “Under The Influence” with which he “wanted to pay homage to all the influencers, who paved the way for what we have today in House Music”.

Moreover, Virabpm will catch up again with Junior Sanchez at ADE week to talk more about his new album, influences, future plans and “House Music in its core“.

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