Sonny Wharton

Sonny Wharton – Exclusive Interview With One Of UK’s Finest Producers

Described as a sought-after talent within the modern dance music industry, Sonny Wharton is one of the finest new producers to have emerged from the UK in recent . Firmly strengthening his position since his debut release as a producer in 2007, the British artist left his mark this year to Steve Angello's imprint Size Records with the track “Vice”, veering slightly from his tech house brand to an even higher energy house. Viralbpm sat down with Sonny Wharton to discuss about his unique and intricate production style, latest releases and future steps.

V1. Let's talk about your latest release, “Vice”, on Size Records. Can you describe the creative process of this song? 

Sonny Wharton: ‘Vice' started life a bit of a secret weapon I made for my DJ sets – I wanted to create a track that really lifted the vibe and stepped the groove up to another level when I dropped it. To be honest I'm really quite proud of this track, even though its quite simple in its arrangement, as it always delivers when I play it.

V2. How would you describe your music style and sound in general?

Sonny Wharton: I've always struggled to define this but recently in a conversation with a good DJ friend of mine I think we finally cracked it – its somewhere in between House music for Boys and Techno for Girls!

V3. How does an artist and producer feel when he sees his song being released on a legendary label like Size Records? Do you feel that “you've made it” or does this success bring more pressure upon your upcoming songs?

Sonny Wharton: I feel really happy and it's great to be on Size again as it's such a legendary label and the team there are always pushing things forwards. I don't really feel more pressure as such, only from myself as a producer to try and bring out the best I can for that moment in time. I'll never forget when we first released ‘Brass!' on Size back in 2009 as it definitely stepped things up another level for me. Since then I kind of found a second home with their ‘X' imprint. That worked great for me musically until I made this track and Steve decided to release ‘Vice' on Size.

V4. You have played sets across Europe, America and Asia. Can the whole touring thing get tiresome for an artist after several years? 

Sonny Wharton: I guess for some people perhaps but it's always been my dream. So its something I will never tire of. Sure the actual travelling can be physically tiring. However, the shows and the music always keeps me going and drive me forwards to do more. I really enjoy it and feel super lucky to have been able to see so much of the world!

V5. Do you prefer working hard on the studio or playing across various cities and countries during a heavy schedule? 

Sonny Wharton: First and foremost I'm a DJ. That's what got me into this. So I guess that's always gonna be my first love. Over the years as a producer I've certainly developed a taste for that side of things a lot more too so it offers a nice balance sometimes I guess.

V6. What can you reveal to us regarding upcoming releases or collaborations with other artists? 

Sonny Wharton: Following ‘Vice' I've a new release called ‘Reload' on my own label Whartone (June 30th). I'm really excited about it, as its something I've managed to keep quiet for ages now. I can't wait for people to hear this one!

V7. Aside from recording and touring, is there anything else you would like to do at this moment of your life, but you couldn't invest enough time because of your way of life as an artist? Or maybe something you would like to spend simply more time on.  

Sonny Wharton: There's really nothing I feel I'm missing out on or need to spend more time on. I always try to balance everything as much as possible between my work and home life. I feel quite at peace with everything to be honest!

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