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Feder feat. Daecolm – Back For More (The Remixes) [Warner]

Feder’s recent single “Back For More” has received a reboot by way of 3 solid remixes from the likes of Rrotik, Betical and Mr. Belt & Wezol, out now via Warner Music.

All pay homage to the original in different and novel ways. Rrotik brings a heavy and lo-fi distorted bassline that drives the track.

Betical takes a different approach with their track; eliciting nostalgic feelings by way of less low end frequency emphasis and more tropical lush tones, reminiscent of a timeless summer memory.

brings the sensation of both remixes into one – emitting feelings of positive energy by way of a heavy bassline that contains elements of disco, funk, and even a piano section that gives the whole mix major swing.

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