Don Diablo

Don Diablo – Echoes (Theme Song from Kill Switch)

On June 16th, Kill Switch, will be premiered in theaters across the country. Kill Switch is a new sci-fi summer blockbuster about a military experiment gone wrong and a fight to save the planet, and the accompanying theme song comes scored by none other than Don Diablo. The Dutch veteran has released “Echoes” just head of the film's release.

When I was approached to make the theme song for the first ever sci-fi film set in my hometown Amsterdam, I immediately said yes. The project had been over six in the making so I wanted to do it justice and also saw this as an opportunity to show another, more personal, side of myself. After several discussions with director Tim Smit about the film I locked myself in the studio for several days in a row and eventually walked out with “Echoes“.

Though the record is solely intended for use in the film it's actually now got a special place in my live shows as well. The track will be added to my forthcoming album on all platforms at a later date. For now, I decided to put the focus and spotlight on the release of the video, since the film is such an essential part to the final project. In the music video, you can also get a little taste of my forthcoming liveshow. X“, Don Diablo

The newly released “Echoes” music video features clips from the movie as well as Don Diablo starring in movie-inspired scenes, as the planet is facing eminent destruction.

Echoes” deviates from Don Diablo‘s traditional style, as the moving track showcases reverberating vocals, bursts of rumbling bass, and calming violins.

As Dancing Astronaut mentions, with such a different sound in his latest release, Don Diablo flexes his versatility in production, lending to perhaps more exciting departures from the Don soon to come.

Listen to “Echoes” which is the official theme song for the forthcoming science film ‘Kill Switch‘, directed by TimSmiT. Starring Dan Stevens, Berenice Marlohe and Tygo Gernandt.

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