Highly Sedated

Highly Sedated – Last Call via Size Records

Following their former releases “Existence“, “Got Some Water?”, “Make Love,” on Steve Angello’s highly regarded label, five-piece Swedish electronica band announce a new single “Last Call,” out via SIZE Records. Purchase Highly Sedated – Last Call here.

With their intriguing a deep, slow beat and sultry vocals that captivate the listener, kick off this year with another primal anthem dedicated to losing yourself to music. Having just formed last year and with over 100k listens on their first release “Existence,” is poised to shake up the musical spectrum once again.

Consisting of two vocalists, a photographer, an director, and a producer that have become more like brothers than friends, aims to push the boundaries of electronic music using elements of a traditional band in their performances and productions. The names of these Stockholm guys are Patrick Ray, Verner Westlund, Leonas Somovas, Sebastian Dollinger and Hannes Söderlund.“We didn’t want to join the circus, so we created our own,” says the group.

Purchase Highly Sedated – Last Call Here

Artwork: Ernest Zacharevic | www.ernestzacharevic.com

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