Mark Angelo ft. Re-Arna – A Sweeter Love [Voice/Feelgood]

Greek producer Mark F. Angelo returns with a brand new single and an explosive international collaboration. His new dance record is entitled “A Sweeter Love” and it brings summer time a few months earlier.

Both the music and the lyrics, interpreted by the talented Australian vocalist Re-Arna. The award-winning performer and creator lives and operates in USA. She had her music played on radio stations around the world, while having her film clips played on MTV.

Mark Angelo’s studies at a music high school motivated him to begin writing and producing, not only for projects of his own, but for other artists as well. At a very young age, he was signed to the American labels System Recordings and Red Dust Records Music and one year later to Bonzai Music.

Their “A Sweeter Love” is released by Voice Entertainment and .

Stream & download:

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