Axwell Λ Ingrosso

Axwell Λ Ingrosso feat. Kid Ink – I Love You [Def Jam]

Taking India’s Sunburn Festival by storm this NYE, Sweden’s own Axwell & Ingrosso wowed fans with a preview of their new single featuring Kid Ink, “I Love You (Working Title formerly known as Lover)”.

Home this year to some of electronic music’s biggest names, Sunburn’s 2017 performances were brought in with a bang as artists released clips of new music for the coming year. Sharing the stage with acts like Nucleya, , and more, Axwell & Ingrosso fully emersed fas during day 3 of Sunburn with what seems to have been the best performance of the day.

Owning the festival’s mainstage, Dance Garden, the duo highlighted their iconic sound by incorporating tunes young, and old. Furthermore, they expressed their gratitude to be back in India performing during the events 10th anniversary. Not only was it a magical set for all who attended; it was also the perfect platform for the group’s preview of new single with pop hip-hopper Kid Ink.

I Love You

From the top of the track, strings carry the opening to Kid Ink’s hook; it is seamlessly complemented by the productions key structure behind it. “I Love You” is clearly a catchy hit. One that will certainly keep the twosomes name on the EDM’s radar. It doesn’t, above all, have the stamina to keep listeners wanting more, and excited for its official release.

This new release probably on Recordings certainly sounds like it is going to take the dance music scene by storm. Moreover, it has already become popular with fans leaving comments on the Instagram post. If this is in fact their next track, Λ Ingrosso have proven once again their ability to adapt, excelling in whichever genre they move into.

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