Apollo Pan

Exclusive Premiere: Arrow & Apollo Pan – Vowel [Free Download]

Possessing unique groovy electro styles, two young prodigies joined forces to deliver a track with bass perfect for a club, combined with uplifting beats. Talented Arrow from Greece and up and coming from Nuremberg, Germany, produced the hunting tune “Vowel” which is highlighted by stabbing electro synths and an overall animalistic vibes and voices.

Viralbpm is proud to premiere their brand new smashing production, which is also available as free download! “VOWEL” is not only a very groovy track containing massive percussion. It is also a collaboration characterized by enthralling synths, and a building momentum that exudes hysterical, energetic vibes.

Apostolos Panagiotou aka and Arrow is a combination of two creative minds that move one step further and we’re really happy to have the chance for this exclusive presentation.

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