Euphoric, Two-track Trance & Progressive House EP From LTN Out Now [Silk Music]

The diverse electronic sounds of Indonesian veteran LTN have captured our hearts for years now. It has been an extraordinary privilege to feature his music, ranging from deep house to trance, on the imprint .

His latest offering is a euphoric, two-track trance & progressive house EP.

Recently featured on Shingo Nakamura & Max Flyant’s “Only Silk 04” compilation, the title cut, “Whispers In The Night,” begins with a crepuscular ambiance and a gentle progressive house groove.

The rhythm begins to slowly crescendo, while a variety of enchanting, mystical punctuate the soundscape.

The stage is fully set for the breakdown, where a powerful lead synth and flute-tinged theme cut through and completely overtake the arrangement, in awe-inspiring fashion.

These stunning motifs roar with intensity and drip with emotion, during the brilliantly executed drop.

The B-side, “Thunderball,” features a slightly more aggressive and buoyant rhythm section in the early going, as well as hints of a trance-influenced lead to come. As anticipated, the main breakdown delivers a timeless theme, courtesy of an anthemic piano solo.

As the progression nears the drop, a layered lead synth makes a dramatic entrance and quickly crescendoes, propelling the arrangement toward a climactic drop.


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