Sick Individuals

Sick Individuals – Unstoppable (We Are) [TurnItUp Muzik]

Turn It Up Muzik is back with an amazing release by one of the dance industries’ biggest duos, Sick Individulas! The track, which we’ve covered here in Viralbpm more than a month ago, is the one titled “Unstoppable (We Are)“.

Since there’s just no stopping for these two producers, they managed to created an amazing record full of SICK energy! “Unstoppable (We Are)” was premiered for the first time on their “THIS IS SICK” radio show.

Sisk Individulas also produced an exclusive edit of the track in collaboration with Lexus Japan, as fast cars go along great with this banger! This one is definitely ‘Unstoppable’, so don’t forget to grab yourself a copy!

Release date: February 17, 2016. Buy/Stream it here.

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