Matteo DiMarr feat Roland Clark – Can You (Preview) [Size Records]

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SIZE Records sister imprint X is once again proving its diversity with this new track from Canadian house legend Matteo DiMarr. Featuring ‘Can You’ is set to be released on Beatport on February 5th and all other platforms on February 19th.
‘Can You’ combines modern elements of electro with classic aspects of house to create a forward-thinking groove. It’s most notable for its sampling of Roland Clark, whose hypnotic speech recalls the spirit of early house music. Matteo DiMarr’s production aims to underpin rather than shadow the vocals in the main body of the track, before launching into a thudding bassline and low-pitched synth melody.

With his first release in 1991, Matteo’s career has spanned over three decades and his productions have previously topped the singles charts in France and Canada, as well as the Beatport House charts worldwide. Also the owner of highly respected label Jinxx Records, Dimarr continues to shine as an artist and curator.


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