LTN & Kokai feat. Arielle Maren – Just Believe [Silk Digital]

As Silk Music winds down their release schedule for 2015, a few standout tracks from Shingo Nakamura & Max Flyant’s “Only Silk 03” compilation (released earlier in the year) are finally seeing the light, in full, unmixed form. On the heels of last week’s “Tribute, II” release from the same compilation, we enthusiastically present LTN & Kokai feat. ‘s soulful “Just Believe,” including a brand new remix by venerable Latvian duo Blood Groove & Kikis.

Teaming up on our imprint for the first time since the triumphant “The Underground Sound,” LTN & Kokai once again proffer a deep, emotive musical touch on the Original Mix of “Just Believe.” To infuse the soundscape with a heartfelt lead element, they’ve recruited rising American vocalist Arielle Maren, whose delicate, vulnerable, and exceedingly beautiful voice lends itself perfectly to the tender lyrical content and surrounding instrumentation.

Blood Groove & Kikis, as to be expected from the groove & melody maestros, offer a more uptempo and uplifting rendering. A “vintage” progressive house rhythm in the early going carries the listener into the first verse and, ultimately, the thrilling breakdown, where the lead chords are met by Arielle Maren’s poignant refrain. The phenomenal cast of musicians involved on this release have delivered a highly memorable vocal house single; we’re extremely honored to finally share it with our community.


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