A reminder of the delicate songwriting behind every Above & Beyond production, ‘Always’ featuring Zoë Johnston is an emotional coda for the band's U.S. Billboard #3 album, ‘Common Ground’.

Above & Beyond – Hello [Acoustic II]

set off a wave of hysteria among fans when they revealed 2016 would bring about the release of Acoustic II and even larger world tour. The Anjuna leaders recently announced which iconic venues they’ll be hitting in a stoic black-and-white video accompanied by audio in the background assumed to be a snippet off their new album.

Earlier this morning, it was revealed on the band’s Soundcloud that what was previewed in the video was a taste of their acoustic version of “Hello.” Bass and piano solos gently sprinkle the background while sweeping string sections inject drama into the composition.

Listening closer, Zoë Johnston’s voice subtly makes an appearance, singing the words “bring me,” a hint that “Peace Of Mind” could possibly part of the finished track. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, covering “Hello” acoustically is a change of pace for the new album, which saw only vocal Above & Beyond tracks before.

So take a small taste of Above & Beyond’s forthcoming album ‘Acoustic II’. The trio will perform with a full band at some of the world’s most iconic venues including London’s Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House and LA’s Hollywood Bowl. Head to aboveandbeyond.nu/acoustic to pre-order the CD album and view the full list of dates.

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