Zonderling ft. Bishøp – Crazy For You [Spinnin’]

Zonderling‘s unique style overwelms our thirst for a musical difference with every new track he reveals.

Crazy For You“, as played in Heldeep Radio, it’s something really fresh and qualitative on Spinnin’ records. Zonderling come from the north of Holland and have created their own version of current dance music.

Freaky sounds by a headstrong duo working on musical impulses, leading to a couple of striking releases with a character of their own, including specific Dutch track titles like ‘Pruillip’ and ‘Zonnewind’.

Weird dudes? Not at all. It’s simply Zonderling, exactly what this digital music scene needs. The track that features Bishøp‘s vocals will be available November 16 on Beatport.

Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1QdnrRW

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