Mett & Dirtywork – Athens |Mirage|

Mirage Records proudly presents a brand new track introducing three skilled producers for the label’s forthcoming release called #Athens.

Premiered on the label’s recently-launched radioshow, Dutch duo METT and Dirtywork from NYC delivered an exclusive mix all together incl. Mirage’s next releases and loads of exclusive tracks.

Born in New York City, Harrison Kipel (Dirtywork) is the United States’s newest talent poised for global domination.

Dirtywork‘s productions are heavily influenced by jazz and classical musicians from Charlie Parker to Chopin.

#Athens collab follows his debut EP on Code Red and it is only the beginning for the talented New Jersey native, as his future looks to be very promising.

The same goes with Mett, the dj duo from the Netherlands, consisting of Max de Koning and Thijs Houtzager.

This Dutch duo was formed to share their love for house music with as many people as possible. 

With their progressive house style, trance and cinematic influences, they were quickly asked to play at their first shows. 

After a few months residency in a local nightclub, Mett were asked more and more to play other shows. 

Things keep on getting really serious for this duo, including their Mirage release #Athens.