Sydo and promising talent Sensi unleashed a small preview of their first track for 2016! Even though the title is still missing, the two producers are about to release this beast in the near future.

Sydo has gone through many productions over the past 15 years, in many gernes of music styles under different names that is difficult to categorise. Actually Sydo belongs to the Global Dance Elect ronic scene, with support from names such as Promise Land,David Puentaz, Roger Sanchez, Abel Ramos, Dr. Kucho, Micha Moor, FTAMPA, Miguel Picasso, Tom Novy, Miss Nine and more. Acknowledged for his integrity, style and charisma, Sydo knows how to create a unique sound that always rocking the crowd.


Sensi’s creations are also not to be understimated, as his music-written samples, are already supported from established producers, such as Sick Individuals, who have premiered his collaborative track #Amnesty with Sean Angel a few months earlier.

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