Brieuc & Gregor Potter - Beautiful World

Enhanced releases Brieuc & Gregor Potter – Beautiful World

Belgian duo Brieuc & Gregor Potter return on Enhanced Recordings with a brand new delivery! Hot-on-the-heels of their debut label release ‘Paradise', Brieuc & Gregor Potter are back with the sensational ‘Beautiful World'. Stream/Purchase Brieuc & Gregor Potter – Beautiful World here.

Combining again in a magical, instrument-lead production, ‘Beautiful World' delivers Brieuc & Gregor Potter's uniquely mellow approach to offer a gentle, subtly grooving masterpiece.

 Brieuc & Gregor Potter prove once again that they are two of the finest purveyors in uplifting Summer anthems. Brieuc & Gregor Potter – Beautiful World is just another hit. Among the previous Tritonal‘s label releases, we also see protege and budding artist Sj, who has reworked the leading single from his debut EP “If We Could Stay High”.

Listen to ‘Brieuc & Gregor Potter – Beautiful World' below and also tell your thoughts in the comments.

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