Mathieu Koss’s bi-weekly YouTube series ‘Cooking With Chef Koss’ episode 2

DJ/producer  is having his birthday! The French DJ turns 30 and will celebrate this with the release of new music during this summer. For his unique cooking show concept, ‘Cooking with Chef Koss’, he shares his secrets of your favorite summer activity: outdoor cooking on the BBQ!

Having recently wrapped up an eventful 2019, ’s past year saw him collaborate with Aloe Blacc for their hit single ‘Never Growing Up’, which impressively amassed over 11 million Spotify plays just a little over thirteen months after its initial release. His more recent productions and successes follow in the footsteps of his highly-lauded 2017 Spinnin’ Records collaboration with Alok, ‘Big Jet Plane’, which has gone on to gain over 120 million Spotify streams in the two-and-a-half years since its release.

Once a promising chef, Koss eventually decided to pursue music full-time after traveling to Australia for a year to focus on what he wanted to be doing with his career. Never one to produce the typical formulaic copy/paste dance tune, his keen penchant for detail and authenticity shines through with each of his fun dance-pop hybrid releases. Now, though, Koss is shifting his time away from cooking up beats in the studio to cooking up meals in the kitchen. The same meticulous attention-to-detail Koss places on his music is also placed on the delicious food he regularly whips up for friends and family, and now for the viewers of his new hit YouTube show ‘Cooking with Chef Koss’

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