Noiz Van Grane

Noiz Van Grane Exclusive Interview With Revealed’s Greek Debutant

Having already shown a keen knack for producing well within his hard-hitting sound and a sumptuous set of originals and remixes, Noiz Van Grane is now among the first Greeks -if not the first at all- that has achieved to sign a track on Hardwell's label, Revealed Recordings. Debuting today with the track “Taboo”, the Athens based producer looks ready to dip his feet into brand new waters. To make one of his wildest dreams come true, Noiz Van Grane took on a different music outlook for this “jungle” vibe tune, while donning the same producer clothes. Divulging from his usual dubstep style of production, the Greek talent addresses our curiosity regarding his landmark release on Revealed in this exclusive interview and talks about his origins, upcoming tracks and of course, his plans for the future.

V1. You are among the first Greeks -if not the first at all- that has achieved to sign a track on Hardwell's label, Revealed Recordings. How do you feel about that? A dream came true?

Noiz Van Grane: It's undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world when you achieve yougoals, and as far as I recall Revealed Recordings was the number one label I wanted to sign a track with since day one! Also, it's just amazing and blessing to have the opportunity to represent my country in this big label such as Revealed!

V2. So tell us a few things about your debut release on Revealed: How long have you been working to complete “Taboo” and what was the most difficult part of the creative process?

Noiz Van Grane: It's a funny story behind it. Due to my hybrid sound which includes elements from dubstep and house, Revealed would never accept my tracks. One day I had been working on some “Jungle” sounds, when a friend of mine suggested “Why don't you try this on Revealed? You have nothing to lose!”. And that's how it happened, I removed almost every single dubstep element from the track and one week later “Taboo” was finished. I think the most difficult part was to create the “jungle” vibe of the track.

V3. How difficult was to sign “Taboo” on Revealed, considering that Hardwell's label receives hundreds, not to say thousands, demos every day? Could you describe to us your experience from sending the demo to signing & releasing it? It's a question that troubles countless young producers like yourself.

Noiz Van Grane: Yes, I remember sending like every single track of mine on Revealed, when I started making music and every single one got rejected or never got a reply back. I think the key to sign a track on Revealed is to follow its sound and the vibe it represents, but at the same time you have to put something of your signature sound in the track in order to make it unique and stand out.

V4. How did you come up with the name “Noiz Van Grane”? Is there any special story or meaning behind your alias?

Noiz Van Grane: Well, I have changed a couple of alias in the past, and the last one before “NoiZ Van Grane” contained the word “NoiZ” in it, which I considered to keep. In addition, “Van” in dutch means “from” and “Grane” came out from my last name, which is “Kalogranas”. Now if you translate the whole name the result is “Noise From Kalogranas”.

V5. What's in store for the rest of 2018? Any new releases or collabs we talk about? Tell us your plans from now on.

Noiz Van Grane: In 2018 a lot of new music is scheduled, both solos and collaborations, plus a Sample Pack with my signature sounds in order to help the Dubstep and Big Room House Producers with their productions, which is set for release during July!

V6. How did the social media affect your personal life, but also your career as an artist? Is it important in order to cultivate a relationship with your fan base?

Noiz Van Grane: Last but not least, social media for an artist is the number one way to communicate with his fanbase and giving feedback to upcoming producers. You have to stay active to every single social media in order to grow your audience because that's how you will spread your sound and whatever art you are engaged in.

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