Refeci – Exclusive Interview With The Danish Newcomer

Danish producer is gaining tremendous attention from a large variety of industry influences, including fellow DJ’s and other tastemakers within the electronic dance music scene. He released his first single at the age of 17, called “Heat”, defining the new Refeci brand, as an aspiring up and coming talent, with the skill set to become an international superstar, with his commercial, yet unique and emotional sound, creating a sound design that’s lovable by all genders, ages and nationalities. Viralbpm sat down with to discuss about his music style, latest releases, upcoming productions and future goals!

V1. Let’s talk about your new song “Drunk On Your Love”, released via Disco:Wax. Would you like to share the story behind the track and the creative process that lies behind that?

Refeci: It all started with the piano riff, that you hear in the intro. I had the idea in my head, about something swingy, and drawed it into FL studio. Βasically, Ι had everything right there, I just had to find the right sounds and set it up as a track. I found the lead sound you hear in the drop, and made a drop melody out of that, added some cool and unique drums, just to make it interesting. It took me quite some time to make the entire song though, because I wasn’t really sure about the sounds and stuff. When i had the track, I send it over to my songwriter, and he wrote ”Drunk on your love” and then we just had to find the singer for it, which took some time, till we agreed on the singer we have now.

V2. You’re just 18 old and this is already your second cut for 2018 on Disco:Wax. Why did you decide to release it via this label?

Refeci: I felt that we had a really good vibe with each other at the meetings, and they were open to work the way i wanted which just showed a lot about them, and made me sure about that, they were the people that I wanted to work with. They also have some really good studios, that their signed artist’s can use for free, which I’m super thankfull for. Disco:Wax is also located 30 min from where i live, so it’s super easy for me to get in there for meetings and all that stuff.

V3. Should we expect more from you in 2018? Anything you can already reveal to us?

Refeci: We have probably the best track i’ve ever made, coming up soon. I cant reveal who it’s with or when it’s out, but its different, vibey, very poppy and super catchy.

V4. How would you describe your sound, music style and yourself as a producer?

Refeci: I’d definitely describe my sound as something very melodic, euphoric, emotional and catchy. I don’t think that I’ve found ”The sound” yet, but I’m pretty sure that people know when it’s me because of the things I just mentioned. If I had to describe myself as a producer, I’d say that everything really comes from the heart. Whether it’s happy music or something a bit more emotional. You can always hear what mood I’ve been in, when I made the tracks. I’m really true to myself and my fans, because I’m not really trying to hide my ”bad” feelings or whatever. Producing music, is my way of talking about my feelings, whithout describing them by words, but by sounds.

V5. Is there something specific you want to accomplish as an artist in the future?

Refeci: My biggest goal is of course to be able to travel the world, seeing my fans, make millions of people happy with my music and just be happy with what I’m doing. If I had to choose one very specific thing though, I’d love to play on the Coachella mainstage.

V6. If you would like to spend infinite hours in the studio with one producer who would it be? Anyone you admire and you would like to learn from?

Refeci: I’d choose Oak Felder, because he seems like such a cool guy. He’ve made so many big hits, and knows a lot about all the aspects of producing music, such as mixing, keeping it simple, what sounds to use to make it sound full, and all the things that I’d love to know.

V7. Thank you a lot for doing another session with us, we wish you all the best for your next releases. Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

Refeci: I’d just like to say thanks a ton to Viralbpm for having me and thanks to all the people out there supporting me and reaching out to me. It means the world to me. Always feel free to shoot over an email if there’s anything you’d like to know or just wanna talk about life.

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