HVWKS – Exclusive Interview With The Australian Producer

Melbourne-born and Brisbane-based DJ & Producer HVWKS has been making a splash both across Australia and internationally with his fusing elements of trap and future bass. Having released productions that take you on a journey through to rapid fire stuttering and back again through the dubstep void, HVWKS delivers pure fire records that will tear festival sets apart. Fresh off his release ‘Black & Blue’ on Be Rich Records, featuring the gorgeous vocals of Melbourne singer Akacia, the forward thinking producer sat down with Viralbpm to discuss about new upcoming tracks, Australia’s electronic music scene and career goals.

V1. Recently you released “Black & Blue” via Be Rich Records. How did the collaboration with and Be Rich happen?

HVWKS: The collaboration happened after I had written the verse section, I instantly knew I had to get vocals on it so I hit up and within a few days I had the vocals.

V2. HVWKS, could you tell us something about the creative process of the track?

HVWKS: My creative process for the track was just me staying up past my bed time and letting my brain do it’s thing. I work best at night for some reason so I guess that would be my creative process, staying up late and working until the early hours of the morning.

V3. On what are you currently working on? Anything you can already reveal to us?

HVWKS: I’m currently working on an official remix for a good friend of mine. After that I’ll be releasing my first EP in the next few months, but other then that I can’t say much more.

V4. How would you describe your sound and style in general?

HVWKS: My sound changes a lot on every song! However, you can always tell it’s me with how I write my chords and leads. I’ve always tried to write everything to flow together.

V5. Is there something specific you want to accomplish as an artist in the future?

HVWKS: I want to go on that youtube show “Hot Ones”, I think that would be so sick! I also want to do a Friday mix up for Triple J, that has always been something I’ve wanted to do!

V6. How would you describe Australia’s (electronic) music scene?

HVWKS: Australia is KILLING it! Look at the artists who have come out of Australia, like Flume for example. We are putting Australia on the map for electronic music. Also the new guys coming up are really killing it as well!

V7. Thank you a lot for doing another session with us. It was really cool to have you featured on our website again. Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

HVWKS: Thank you for having me! All I want to say is to people trying to push their craft, just keep grinding and it will happen in time!

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