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Off Week is here! One more year, electronic music’s Major Week is back and, with it, Pacha Barcelona will dress up again each day of the week, from Tuesday, June 12th till Sunday June 17th. Bringing its more loyal crowds the most vanguard, sought-after and interesting electronic music showcases of the global dance scene, Pacha Barcelona will explore the different paths electronic music goes through nowadays. Six nights of pure madness in which the club will present the most interesting platforms in the scene, some of them debuting, and others that already consider Pacha Barcelona their true home. Brace yourselves for the most important week of the year for electronic music in the city!

Kicking-starting Pacha Barcelona’s electronic music Major Week events, on Tuesday June 12th, we have Umamii’s Off Week debut. The multi-sensorial concept conceived by UNER will come back to its home in the city, Pacha Barcelona, to bring the crowd an unique and one-off experience, in which music fuses with art, gastronomy and the rest of the senses to make clubbers live truly cathartic moments. This time, Andhim, , Gonçalo,  and UNER himself have been the chosen ones to conduct this incredible journey, that will open Off Week’s first night of festivities at Pacha Barcelona.

Making its debut in Pacha Barcelona’s Off Week schedule, SPECTRUM – the clubbing concept conceived by Joris Voorn – will take place on Wednesday, June 13th. Sharing name and ideals with the Dutchman’s online radio show, SPECTRUM will host some truly unique artists: , Patrice Bäumel and B. Traits will join Joris to delight Pacha Barcelona’s crowd with one of the finest musical selections of today’s electronic music scene. On the other hand, in Pacha’s Black Room, a especial showcase organized by FIESTA & BULLSHIT magazine will take place, starred by Ben Hoo, Horacio Cruz, Juanito and Rhoowax.

Thursday, June 14th will have another debut in Pacha Barcelona for this year’s Off Week. This time, the night will belong to CIRCUS, Yousef’s night and . Having turned 15 last year, CIRCUS has become one of the most powerful clubbing brands of the techno scene, with a selection that combines young and fresh talent with true legends of the electronic music. This time, CIRCUS will be starred by Andrea Oliva, Nic Fanciulli, Skream and Yousef himself, all joined by Pacha Barcelona’s resident, Alex Kennon. On the other hand, in the Black Room, there will be an especial showcase by Barcelona’s record label YAKAZI, owned by HITCH and Andre Buljat, where both will be joined by Venezuelan duo Fur Coat, Shall Ocin and the Egyptian-born, Barcelona-based Raxon.

Pacha Barcelona’s Friday night during Off Week belongs to one party: Moon Harbour’s Showcase. On Friday, June 15th, the label owned by Matthias Tanzmann – that considers Pacha its true and only home in the city – will host the best and finest acts from its roster, as well as Tanzmann’s friends, who will give the public the best selection of todays electronic music. This time, joining  Matthias Tanzmann in this Off Week celebration Pacha Barcelona will have , wAFF, Cuartero, Mathias Kaden, Timo Maas, Re.You, Ninetoes, Luna City Express, Sabb, Sven Tasnadi, Manu González and Zohki.

Towards the end of the week, on Saturday, June 16th, it will take place which is, almost without a question, the biggest debut that Pacha Barcelona will have in it schedule. Vagabundos, Luciano’s clubbing brand, will make its Off Week’s stop in Pacha, being the most anticipated and eagerly welcome debut. Luciano, one of the most beloved and popular artists of the scene will take over Pacha’s Main Room along Guti (Live), Ryan Crosson, Reeves, Brina Knauss and Alex Kennon  in an authentic power showoff during Barcelona’s electronic music Major Week. On the other hand, in the Black Room an exclusive Ibiza Global Radio showcase will take place, leaded by Anna Tur, along Christian Burkhardt, Jordi Villalta and Marian Ariss.

And closing a truly insane Off Week, in which the crowds will be able to enjoy the best and most selected acts of the electronic music scene in Pacha Barcelona, on Sunday, June 17th it will be the turn of the Great among the Greatest. Techno Kaiser, Sven Väth, will be the one closing the week with a special Cocoon’s Showcase, that will take over both rooms. On one hand, the time at the Main Room will be shared by Dana Ruh and Papa Sven, in what will be one of the most crowded and sought-after sessions of the Gereman pioneer so far in Pacha Barcelona, a venue that has become his home in the city. Meanwhile, in the Black Room, the crowd will enjoy the sessions of several of Cocoon’s most interesting artists: Einzelkind, Fabe and Bodin & Jacob will be in charge of the closing soundtrack of Pacha Barcelona’s electronic music Major Week.


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