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The Korean Wave hits Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

South Korea is ADE‘s 2018 focus country because it is one of the most dynamic, technically advanced and productive music markets in the world right now. Global sales of the genre known as K-pop made South Korea the 8th largest music market

in the world by revenue (bigger than India and China), generating $4.7 billion in global sales last year. But more relevant to ADE delegates is the fact that, alongside the synchronised dance moves and pop melodies that typify K-pop, the country is also home to a thriving and highly productive underground and crossover electronic scene.


This year’s ADE will focus on the very best the country has to offer across a wide range of festival and conference events, featuring some of Korea’s most talented acts, most active agents, promoters, party organisers, distributors, publishers and technology providers, revealing what the national market is really like. ADE’s conference sessions will also be revealing what you need to do to have a chance of selling your music or breaking an artist there,

who to talk to in order to book shows and tours, how local musical tastes are evolving, and how best to interact with Korea’s entertainment market leaders.

Following the success of last year’s China Pavilion, which was located in the

Vondel Park at Vondel C.S., and which operated throughout ADE Saturday attracting hundreds of visitors,

ADE is committed to growing the day and nighttime activities once again in 2018, in part by adding new pavilions

focused on countries. The addition of these pavilions creates extra possibilities to meet and network for music industry professionals

but also provides a means to show the innovative power of individual territories and their leading artists in front of an

international audience.


The ADE Pass (access to the complete day 5 day & night program), the ADE Conference Pass (access to the complete 4-day program) and ADE Packs (Pass + hotel) are on sale at Early Bird Rate now and available here. Single tickets for both festival and conference events will go on sale on the ADE site from June 1st onwards. Flight deals provided by KLM can be found here.

Conference ideas
You can suggest topics and speakers for potential inclusion in ADE’s multiple conference tracks; feel free to send your ideas for the issues we ought to be covering!

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