Boutique record labels and music as a cultural vector at ADE Pro

The current wave of labels was formed by people and brands who are anything but the usual suspects. Themes like how music can act as a cultural bridge are under the spotlight at ADE this year.

First of all, following on recent updates about ADE Health and the focus on South Korea we continue with the first themes and topics for ADE Pro, the conference track for music professionals.


Above all,in Putting a Label On It! panellists will be looking at the new wave of labels being launched by management companies, event organisers, nightclubs, venues, publishers, fashion designers, and even hotels, asking why it is happening and how the companies and brands think they will benefit from their efforts. The panel will also be looking at the reality of being an artist

who runs their own label business, and exactly what it is that drives them to take on the hazards

and joys of marketing releases and breaking acts.

Perhaps most significantly for ADE‘s music business delegates, the panel will also be examining what these people bring to the business of running a label from their various and widely differing backgrounds. What do they do differently and might it change, improve or even revolutionize the way labels have traditionally functioned?


Moreover, he Pollinating Effect of Music looks at how, in a world of political polarisation, songs and grooves seem to be

the only current form offering insight into, and understanding of other cultures. Whether it’s music that comes from a much-loved foreign actor in the form of a local act influenced by music from abroad, this phenomenon is

especially relevant to the club scene where there are no boundaries or cultural filters on the dance floor. Being there both demands and encourages an open-mindedness to different cultures,

tastes, sexual preferences and even political orientation that our super-heated world badly needs right now.

Tickets & more info

ADE Pro takes place from Wednesday through till Friday and is accessible for ADE Pass and ADE Conference Pass holders, available here at Early Bird rate until April 1st. Date and time for the panel to be announced.

Photo credits: Vincent van den Boogaard

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