Henrik B

Henrik B – Exclusive Interview With the Veteran Swedish Producer

Veteran producer Henrik B is a rare breed of Swedish dance heavyweight that got his start in the techno world before moving into melodic progressive electro and house. With the continually blurring lines between styles, it wasn’t too long before his productions crossed genres and caught the attention of the most respected imprints in modern dance music industry. Remixing and releasing for such institutional labels, such as Steve Angello’s Size, Eric Prydz’s Pryda and Axwell’s Axtone, just to name a few, Henrik B managed to be framed as a staple of dance floors across the globe. 

His LE7ELS debut ‘Echoes’ streamed more than 13m times on Spotify, setting the tone for subsequent single ‘In Your Eyes’, but also for his high profile remix duties for Avicii’s global hit ‘The Days’ on or ‘Hold On’ release on Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman’s label Buce Records. Fresh off his new track on his own imprint Illgorhythm Recordings, titled “Rituals”, Henrik B sat down with Viralpbm to discuss about his favorite memory of 2017, future plans and promising talents.

V1. How has 2018 treated you? Which is your favorite memory from last year?

Henrik B: I´m finally back in the studio after some time off during Christmas. Now it´s time to kick start 2018 and finish new releases. Favorite memory from last year must be when I started my own label!

V2. Let’s move on to your latest track on Illgorhythm Recordings, titled “Rituals”. Are you satisfied with the outcome?

Henrik B: Yes, I am very happy!

V3. Before you step in house music in 2006, the first part of your career was all about techno. After “Hold on” on Buce Records in 2016 with ”Ritual” we see another transition? How would you describe your music style nowadays?

Henrik B: I understand the question but all I can say is that there isn’t really a transition going on at all. If you really look into my catalogue you will discover that I released my first deep house record back in 1999 and even released an ambient album in 2004. And besides that, right now I’m working on an ”Acid rocker” type banger. I just like the freedom to create whatever I want, so thats what I am doing.

V4. Henrik B we know that you are friends with Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Eric Prydz and Axel Hedfors since ages. How’s your relationship after all these years?

Henrik B: Yes, we are still good friends!

V5. Who would you characterize as your currently favorite producers/ DJ in the game and who as the ones to watch in 2018?

Henrik B: Right now my favorite is Brohug! Unbelievably funky!

V6. How did the social media affect your personal life, but also your career as an artist? Is it important in order to cultivate a relationship with your fanbase? Which platform is your favorite one?

Henrik B: It is a necessary thing for an artist to be on social media. But I am happy that I started building my fan base before social media even existed. But right now my favorite is instagram!

V7. What are you plans for the future? Any upcoming tracks or collabs we should know about?

Henrik B: Yes, I am having some time off the touring until spring to be able to finish quite a few tracks. And I even started a few new artist projects! More info later. My goal is to release more music this year than last year!

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