David Pietras

David Pietras – Exclusive Interview With The Young Highly-rated Swedish Producer

Riding at the forefront of the second wave of influential Swedish artists, David Pietras is definitely among the talents to watch in 2018. After rising to fame with his epic offerings on Code Red, BMD Ψ Friends and Bibliotheque last year, he has already been off to a busy start, releasing collabo-tracks with and Sebjak on two highly acclaimed labels, such as ’s Size Records and Third Party’s Release Records. Hailing from Uppsala, up-and-coming David Pietras has shown tremendous growth not only as an artist, but also in terms of reach, music and production sound. Viralbpm got the chance to interview him about his influences, latest releases, upcoming tracks on Size Records and his opinion on the new generation of talents!

V1. You’ve had a great 2017 with various releases on major labels, such as Code Red, BMD Ψ Friends and Bibliotheque. Are you satisfied with your progress last year? Which was your favorite moment?

David Pietras: 2017 was my best year yet because I gained a lot of attention from both big producers and new fans. So yes, I am very satisfied! My favorite moment from last year was when I had just signed some tracks to Size and I was invited to ’s gig in Sweden and met him for the first time.

V2. You’ve kicked off 2018 on Third Party’s imprint Release Records, collaborating with Bibliotheque’s boss, Sebjak, on “Soleil”. It seems that you two are getting along well. Tell us more about that release and your relationship with Sebjak.

David Pietras: Yes, we are, and working with Sebjak is very inspiring. It was after I signed Alone on his label Bibliotheque that we started talking to each other. He later invited me to his show in Stockholm and also asked me if I would like to work with him in the studio. And from then we have just worked more and more together. We made Soleil in December, and I think we almost finished the track in one studio session. Was really fun to make that track!

V3. Today, you continue your successful music tenor with a brand new track titled “Arlanda” together with on Steve Angello’s prestigious label, Size Records! How do you feel about that? Give us some more information about it!

David Pietras: It feels amazing! To sign on Size have been my main goal for a long time, and my childhood dream. It’s the first track I finished with and it is my first track releasing on Size Records. So the track “Arlanda” is very special for me. Both me and Corey have wanted to finish a track together for a long time, and I’m proud that “Arlanda” is our first release together. The name of the track symbolizes our great moments together in Sweden.

V4. Name a House genre that you’d like to put your talent on; Could we expect something different in the future?

David Pietras: Actually, I don’t like to put my music in specific genres. I’m just trying to do what I love and feel at the moment when I make my tracks. So it is hard to tell what kind of music that I will do in the future. But I love tech-house and progressive tracks, so I guess I’ll stick to that for a while. Whatever I choose to make, it will still sound like ”me”. That is what’s most important.

V5. Since Sweden is your country and home of the most acclaimed and recognizable producers worldwide, who would you say that inspired you the most?

David Pietras: Honestly, it has to be Steve Angello and Sebjak. Both because I’ve listened to them since I started making electronic music and because I am since last year working with them.

V6. David Pietras which talents would you characterize as the one to watch?

David Pietras: Definitely my good friends Corey James, Sovth and David Tuck. But there are lots of talents out there.

V8. What are your plans for the future? Any upcoming tracks or collabs we should know about?

David Pietras: Can’t say too much, but I have more tracks coming up on Size and I am also working a lot with Sebjak and at the moment. Then I have some remixes coming up this year. Me and my manager Andrew are working very hard, so stay tuned!

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