Discoplex – Exclusive Interview With The Italian Newcomer

Fresh off the release of his latest collab with up-and-coming Spanish duo No Hope, titled “Acidground“ on Anderblast‘s newly-established imprint Rambla Records, Discoplex looks set to spread his House & Tech House vision in the international club scene of 2018. Hailing from Correggio, Italy, the up-and-coming talent, also known as Gabriele Nizzoli, is developing for some time now his own style built around techy and groovy flavours with old skool vibes and chunky beats. With his previous releases signed on major labels, such as Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Traxx, Funkerman’s Flamingo Recordings and David Tort’s HoTL Records, Discoplex expands his repertoire with unusual and out of the box music productions. Viralbpm sat down with the Italian talent to discuss about his country’s new generation of EDM artists and forthcoming releases, including one of his new tracks on Marcus Schossow’s label Code Red!

V1. In 2017 you’ve decided to separate your musical paths with former half of Discoplex by pursuing different goals for your future careers. How’s your relationship nowadays?

Discoplex: After our division we didn’t maintain our relationships; we decided to cultivate two separated ways for our future.

V2. You’ve stepped in 2018 with a brand new release on Anderblast’s newly-established label “Rambla Records” together with Spanish duo No Hope. Tell more about “Acidground” and how did your collab occur.

Discoplex: “Acidground” is the result of minds that aim to bring an innovative sound, different from that We are all accustomed. No Hope and I worked hard to get this result. I am very happy to inaugurate this 2018 on Anderblast’s label Rambla Records. It’s a great result and I’m very proud of it.

V3. Despite the musical divorce with Nicholas, last year was a very productive year for Discoplex with releases on various labels, such as HoTL, Juicy Traxx and on Funkerman’s imprint CYFI Records! Which was your favorite and why?

Discoplex: Yes In 2017 we released a lot of music. My favorite one is “Agoaie”. It is the song that made known to fans of the groove cartel; thanks to the support of Kryder, David Tort, Leandro from Silva and Havoc & Lawn. If I’ll have a gig in the future I would play it without hesitation.

V4. Tech and Tribal House seem that are your favorite House genres? Could we expect something different in the future?

Discoplex: Yes, we have very much based our productions on this vein. In the future I always want to stay inside the club music but diversify my sounds and look for something fresh. I’m always looking for something that sets me apart.

V5. You are part of a new generation of Italian artists, such as Anderblast, Havoc & Lawn, Marnik, Luca Testa, Flatdisk who have brought your country’s electronic musical industry in the forefront. How does this make toy feel? Any other upcoming talents we should keep an eye on according to your opinion?

Discoplex: I’m happy to see other young Italian DJs / producers like me show off and stand up for themselves. After so much passion, dedication and sacrifices each of is creating its own way within the industry. Keep an eye on Jude & Frank and Havoc & Lawn. I have a lot of respect for them. I’m sure they will not let us down with their future productions

V6. Have famous Italian house veterans like Benny Bennasi, Nari & Milani and been your inspirations?

Discoplex: Yeah! Daddy’s Groove and Federico Scavo too. Also more underground artists like Riva Starr, The Deepshakerz, Stefano Noferini, Pirupa etc. etc. I listen music continuously from different musical realities to find an optimal result in my productions. Listening to the productions of these artists I approached the world of house music. They really were a great inspiration for me.

V7. What are you plans for the future? Any upcoming tracks or collabs we should know about?

Discoplex: I have several ideas for 2018. One of those is definitely creating my podcast / radioshow; I have been thinking about this project for some time; now I feel that the moment has come to make it happen. I announce that in these first months I will release one of my new tracks on Code Red, Marcus Schossow’s label and I am collaborating with a lot of artists including a second collab with my brothers No Hope. Unfortunately I can not reveal anything else but I can assure you that Discoplex will be present in this new year.

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