Last 3 Digits

Last 3 Digits – Exclusive Interview With The Talented British Duo

British duo Last 3 Digits have been working on crafting their sound for the past seven years. Since 2010 the rising electronic act of Wez Parkes and Gavin Edwards have had a number of releases, supported by Daddy’s Groove, Flatdisk, Madwill, Jordan Jay and Promise Land, just to name a few, while last year they gained further recognition from even more influential names in the scene, such as Simon de Jano, Jewels & Sparks, Manse, Rob & Jack and Sentinel. In 2017, Last 3 Digits kept on moving forward, as the guyswere concentrating on releasing new material and bringing their sound of Big Room House and Progressive to the masses on a larger scale through their “Digitize” imprint, both radio show and record label. Viralbpm talked with Last 3 Digits about their ambitions, achievements, next steps and future releases.

V1. Last 3 Digits you have been working on crafting your sound since 2010. How did you meet in the first place and how did you end up with that alias? Tell us more about the men behind the duo.

L3D: Myself and Gavin only met in 2014, before that i had been producing under the alias on my own. We met through the radio station we both worked at. Gavin is very good at making melodies and has a vast knowledge of music theory, where I am more in control of the practical production side and making the ideas into completed tracks, so we decided to work on a couple of tracks together and the rest is history!

V2. You have stayed focused on producing Big Room House and Progressive, which is a genre in low demand for the last few years, opposed to music styles, such as Future and Tropic house. Tell us more about that decision. What should we expect from Last 3 Digits?

L3D: I come from a trance background and harder styles of music, Gavin as I said earlier loves melody so that’s why we try to fuse both elements together, melody and harder hitting drops. I’m not a huge fan of tribal / latin / tech house which seems to be more popular these days. I believe the main room sound will come back around again so we are just sticking to our guns. Although through out the rest of the year we have got some more experimental sounds coming where we are trying to find a common ground with what’s in at the moment.

V3. Your edit of ‘Pushin On’ by Flexx & Milhouse has received huge support, as it was premiered by Nicky Romero on Protocol Radio. How do you feel about this achievement?. How do you feel about this achievement?

L3D: The support was huge on that one, Nicky has always been one of my idols so hearing him play it was a great achievement. Flexx and Milhouse sent me the original and I really wanted to add some of my own sound into it and the end product worked well.

V4. Your latest track ‘Weighing Me Down’ is released in your own imprint, titled “Digitize Music”. How did you end up establishing the label and what are your ambitions?

L3D: Digitize started off as a radio show last year and since then has gone from strength to strength, seeing us feature some of the world’s leading names, so turning the brand into a label felt like a very organic way forward. I thought Weighing Me Down would be a great way to set the tone for the label and i hope to fill the gap of releasing great Big Room Prog, which as you say not a lot of labels are releasing these days! No matter what stage of a festival you’re at or club room you’re in, you can’t deny the energy and emotion behind Big Room Prog and i do believe it will come back but perhaps more evolved! CYA are really bridging that gap in the scene and i guess that is where i would like us to go too.

V5. Are there any news to share about Digitize Music’s next release or your label’s producer-enrollees? What about Last 3 Digits? Any new stuff in the store for 2017?

L3D: I have just signed a lot of new music for 2018, so we will be focusing on new music in the new Year. I won’t be releasing any more music now till next year, but we do have some huge stuff in the works!

V6. You’re about to reach 50 episodes of Digitize Radio. How’s your show going and what’s your favorite moment so far?

L3D: My favourite moment so far has to be meeting and interviewing them on several occasions. Jonnie, Harry and Alfie are great guys and are actually really cool – being able to meet them at some of their shows has definitely been my highlights so far. Also interviewing Corey James in my car before we did a gig together a couple of years ago was a cool and funny experience!

V7. Tell us your favorite producers and which would you characterize as a “dream-coming-true” collab.

L3D: In this day and age i think most people would say the likes of Steve Angello, Axwell etc which would be amazing. But i really would love to work with the likes of Corey James, Will K and even DOD who has been a great with me over the years. is probably at the top of my list for a dream collaboration…. who knows there may already be something in the works there 😉

V8. Name a few up-and-coming talents we should keep an eye on.

L3D: There are so many i can think of but off the top of my head! My buddy CAIN from Australia I truly believe is going to be a massive name in the scene. He’s already getting there now but in the next few years he is going to explode! TNY & LUQ are really doing some good stuff too and I think those guys are on the up as well! I need to mention Henry Carlin and Mr Sid too, these guys we also need to keep an eye on!

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