FALCO – Exclusive Interview With The Promising Portuguese Newcomer

Hailing from Portugal, young  is an up-and-coming producer heading towards a very bright future. Even though he is just 19 old, has succeeded to sign releases on various coveted record labels that only a few at his age have managed, such as Swanky Tunes’ Showland Records, Marcus Schossow’s imprint Code Red Music and Hugo Cantarra’s Kids Records Foundation.

Following his collaboration with Carter Grey, titled “La Habana“, the talented Portuguese is about to release “Pika Life” with FootriX on Showland ADE 2017 mixed by Swanky Tunes, while he has another track coming out via Code Red later this year. Apart from Marcus Schossow and Swanky Tunes, ‘s productions have also been supported by some other huge names of EDM, like Dannic and Yves V. Viralbpm sat down with the talented Portuguese artist to discuss about his first steps in the electronic dance music industry, upcoming releases and future goals! 

V1. How would you describe your style and sound in general?

FALCO: It`s hard to describe because I don’t stick to only one style. I have been producing some groovy/techno tracks, but also future house tracks. However, in a more general way, I prefer something that can make people happy on a festival or a club.

V2. Born and raised in Portugal, how would you describe the landscape of Portuguese electronic music nowadays?

FALCO: I believe right know we are making a lot of progress with a some Portuguese artists signing into great labels. That`s something that makes me really proud, even thought there aren`t a lot of producers in Portugal.

V3. Do you have any artist in particular you are looking up to? Something like a role model?

FALCO: I don’t have a role model, but I do have some artists that I’m always following, such as and Tom Staar!

V4. What musical background do you have? How did you start your career as a Dj and producer?

FALCO: I don’t have any musical background, even though I would like to. I started producing a couple of ago, but I have been attracted by EDM since forever. It was four years ago when I found a on youtube about fl studio and decided to try it.

V5. Falco, tell something about your upcoming songs. From what we heard, they’re gonna get released on pretty big labels, right?

FALCO: Right know, I have two tracks coming up one on ADE 2017 Showland Records compilation (Armada Music), which is a future house tune with FootriX, called “Pika Life”, and also an upcoming track on Code Red together with Carter Grey. That’s it for 2017.

V6. Any other song you are currently working on and you would like to reveal to us?

FALCO: I am currently working on some solo tracks, but mostly collaborations with artists like Club Banditz, Dirty Twist, Tobirush, Freaky Flavour, which I have great hope to release those tracks on a good label.

7. Is there anything in particular you want to accomplish as an artist?

FALCO: Well as a producer I have some label goals, such as Sosumi, Spinnin, etc and I hope to have the opportunity to work with big artists. Of course, as a DJ I would love to have the chance to play worldwide.

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