No Hope

No Hope – Exclusive Interview With The Spanish Rising Duo

Barcelonian duo No Hope is one of the most promising young talents among Spain’s new generation of music producers. Formed by Aitor Langa Judez and Fran Diaz, the two rising newcomers are showcasing their skills on various genres, releasing emotional underground melodic tracks on labels such as Hoist, HoTL, Malavida and Frisson records. Admirers of and Steve Angello, No Hope are focused on trying to do collabs with big names and sign with big labels, while they are currently working titles with Dave Diaz and Erly Tepshi, Rux & Bedmar, Tony Calrya and A.v.A, just to name a few. Viralbpm sat down with the talented Barcelonians and talked about their influences, music style and upcoming releases.

V1. Let’s begin with your alias Aitor & Fran: How did you meet and come up with this artistic nickname? Is there really “No Hope”? Hope dies last, doesn’t it?

No Hope: Ha, ha, ha! Well, the story of the name is quite funny because, when we decided to start the group, we didn’t think about it. One day, Fran was wearing a t-shirt with the words “NO HOPE” on it and that was the moment when we came up with the idea of using those words as our nickname. Later, we found a personal meaning to these two words and related them to the slogan “No music, No Hope”.

V2. You’ve begun 2017 by releasing ‘Elusion’ on Malavida Records (w/ Meastral), “Universe Falls” on Hoist, “ACDT” on HoTL(w/ Lan_Sander & George Nassau) and “Non Spe” on Frisson, just to name a few tracks. Which one is your favorite so far and why? Any special story behind them?

Fran: For me, my favorite one is “ACDT” because is our biggest release so far and the story of it started a long time ago, ha, ha, ha! We first met David Tort a few years ago during a master class. David Gausa was the one who invited us to that mater class and so we went and there, at the end of the class, we gave Tort a pendrive with that track.

It wasn’t until some months after that day that he contacted us and told us that he was really interested in the track. We couldn’t believe it! David Tort wanted our track for his label! He started to make the edit and when we listened to that version for the first time we knew that it was going to be an absolute bomb!

Aitor: For me, my favourite track is “Universe Falls” because I love trance and, in my opinion, this track conveys powerful emotions as a result of the combination of deep melodies with a huge, trance bassline.

V3. For one of your latest release you’ve returned to HoTL Records and their Ibiza compilation sessions 2017 with a big collab between A.v.A, Rev and Markem. Tell us some more info about this collaborative project.

No Hope: “A.v.A” are good friends of us, so we decided to send them some ideas for collabs when they started to make sexy-house music. We sent them the first idea we had of “Cellular” and then the track started to be shaped as it is today. Rev’s work was important to the track, too, and they all together turned it into an absolute club banger! When we finally listened to it, we felt that it had that HoTL vibe that we were used to, so we sent it to Markem and he liked it so much that he put this final HoTL touch to it. We love how it sounds now!

V4. You’re mostly creating progressive tracks with emotional underground vibes & feelings. Is that a music style you’re keen on developing?

No hope: The only rule that we have in mind is that the music must be felt and we try our best to do and achieve so. Maybe this is why we’re not focused on a specific genre. Nobody has to tell you what you have to do. You only have to feel the music that you’re making and put all your passion in it. We have a lot of influences from a lot of different genres and we like the tracks to sound like how we feel, we like them to convey our mood in the moment of creating them. Anyway, it’s also true that, nowadays, we’re more focused on House & Techno stuff due to the repercussion of “ACDT”, but that doesn’t mean that we will be doing only these styles.

V5. You’re based in Barcelona. Which other other producers would you characterize as the “One’s To Watch” from Spain?

No Hope: Our brothers Adrien Rux & Bedmar, with all the emotional tracks that they have and this “little something” we’re also cooking with them; has a lot of potential, too, and every track he releases is so good; Apollo Vice, with his unique touch in the future bass; KAAL, with the old-school house and Jose V, with the sexy-tech house.

V6. Is there someone special who helped you out during your early days as an artist? Or someone who inspired you throughout your career?

No Hope: Of course! Since we started, we’ve received a huge support from David Gausa. We would always send him all our tracks and he would always give us back a very critical and complex feedback. Daniel Trim is one of these supporters, too, he is a great mentor for us because he’s helped us a lot telling us how to get a good level of production to start releasing high-quality tracks. Finally, last but not least, David Tort & Markem. They’ve helped us a lot and have always given us good feedback. Every time we meet them they’re like big brothers to us.

V7. Which would you characterize as your “collaboration of your dreams”, regarding both artists/producers and singers/vocalists? Any specific labels would you be also interested in signing your music?

Fran: For me, and Steve Angello would be the ones. I think that they are the reasons why we’re making music today. Sebjak, too, because he is killing the scene now with his unique sound. Regarding to the labels, they would be Size, Toolroom, Suara and Bibliotheque.
Aitor: Well, I would say Steve Angello. What I really like from him is that he always makes the music he wants and feels. No matter what genre it is, his tracks just have his signature, you always know he is behind them.

V8. What should we except from you in the near future? Any new tracks or collabs we could reveal?

No Hope: We expect to do our best and share with people our good vibes and nice tracks. Now we are focused on trying to do collabs with big names and sign with big labels. We think that we are following the right path and this is why we are working hard and with a lot of passion. We’re working on a track that has a very underground sound and is coming out very soon with Dave Diaz and Erly Tepshi, another one with Rux & Bedmar, some more with our brothers Tony Calrya, George Nassau, Discoplex, A.v.A and many other friends!

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