Havoc & Lawn

Havoc & Lawn – Exclusive Interview With The Sought-After Italian Duo

Italian duo Havoc & Lawn is one of the most promising young talents in today's house music scene. Formed by Simone Prati and Riccardo Mamoli, the two sought-after producers have managed to sign their tracks in various labels in just two-years-time, with their latest major achievement being the release of their collaboration with Anderblast titled “Genesi” on Steve Angello's prestigious SIZE Records! Nevertheless, their ability to create engaging melodies and grooves makes them desirable for many other music companies, such as Kryder's Sosumi, Gregor Salto's Dadadam and Hugo Cantarra's Kids Records Foundation, just to name a few. Viralbpm sat down with the talented duo Havoc & Lawn and talked about their career, music style and upcoming releases, including “Genesi” on Size.

V1. Let's start with who's Havoc and who's Lawn? What's the story behind your nicknames?

Havoc & Lawn: Hi guys! Riccardo (21) is Havoc and Simone (20) is Lawn. There's a funny story behind our nickname: “Havoc” is the first English word Riccardo learnt and Lawn is the translation of Simone's surname.

V2. In the second half of 2016 you changed your musical vision, shifting from Progressive House to a genre that embraces more the House style, in the most classic sense, while you're also influenced by tribal and latin sounds. How did you end up to this decision/change?

Havoc & Lawn: We always loved and played melodic tracks, and that's why we decided to start producing progressive house. We always tried different genres (progressive house, future bass ecc) but when we started producing house music, we felt that it was the right sound and the right way to better express us.

V3. You've released tracks on various label, among which , , KIDS Record Foundation, Jango Music, Zulu Recordings and more. Which one is your favorite so far and why?

Havoc & Lawn: We think they are all important releases because they all represent our journey in music industry. But if we have to pick up one, we would say Jackin on Sosumi Records.

V4. Havoc & Lawn, we've recently featured an interview with your natives Anderblast, with whom you've signed a collabo-track on Size Rerords. How do you feel about this success?

Havoc & Lawn: Well, it's such an incredible feeling to see our name on Size Records. For all the producers it's like a career goal, and we are so happy to achieve it after one year of our project.

V5. So far we know that your upcoming track on Steve Angello's prestigious label is titled ‘Genesi'. Is there anything more we could reveal that Anderblast couldn't inform us with about a month ago?

Havoc & Lawn: Unfortunately we can't say so much, you will have to wait a few days more. It will have a different vibe, but we think you're gonna like it!

V6. It seems you're also getting along well in terms of music production with Argentinian Roondabit, as you've managed to merge perfectly your Tribal and Tech sounds with his Electro House on ‘Ganza' and ‘La Luna' released on Jango Music and Pornostar Records respectively. Tell us more about that chemistry as well.

Havoc & Lawn: We really like to work with Roondabit, it's such a talented producer with a lot of cool ideas. We are proud of the results of our collaborations, especially of the remix of “La Luna” that is still going strong.

V7. Except Anderblast and Roondabit, who else would you describe as up-and-coming producers? With whom would you like to collaborate?

Havoc & Lawn: We know a lot of great up-and-coming producers, such as Jude & Frank, Leandro Da Silva and Simon Kidzoo! We have tracks with all of them right now!

V8. What should we expect from you in 2017? Give us a few details about what's coming next for you and what releases are you planning at the moment? Any upcoming collaborations or track names we could reveal?

Havoc & Lawn: Well, we've also released our collaboration with Jude & Frank titled “Ojos” on Big Beat. We've been also working on two official remixes, on the collaboration with Leandro Da Silva and new original tracks. Let's see what will be coming next.

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