HARRISON – Exclusive Interview With The British Multifarious Producer

British Harrison is a multi-talented producer, songwriter and vocalist, who’s very much in demand after storming the electronic dance music scene with his collaboration singles with the likes of David Guetta, Hardwell, Steve Aoki, Dannic, Laidback Luke, Thomas Gold and many others. In 2017 the young musician continues his successful career, as he’s ready to drop what he describes as “the biggest song he has ever made” and “true life achievement” together with Fatman Scoop. Viralbpm had the chance to sit down and discuss with Harisson about his legendary collabs, his goals and a new sound direction.

V1. Being a writer, vocalist, producer and Dj, sounds pretty impressive. How do you manage to balance everything in the right order? Do you prefer some of your artistic “roles” over the others?

Harrison: I get in a routine with it and know what to prioritize and when. It’s loads of fun to DJ, and writing, singing and producing takes a lot of patience and time to get it right, but when you are on to something it becomes so addictive and it’s hard to stop.,

V2. Could you describe to us your creative procedure and a typical day in the studio?

Harrison: I get inspired by things around me and just thinking outside the box. A typical day is waking up, sitting in the studio for hours trying to come up with something that nobody else has done before and surprisingly, my archive of tracks is not all dance music. Depending on the day the creative process may vary. When working creatively it’s not a 9-5 job, you can sit there all day sometimes and have writers block, or just feel no inspiration at all. When other times you might be at home and its 10 at night and an idea sparks, so you head of to the studio for a creative night session.

V3. Is there someone special who helped you out during your early days as an artist? Or someone who inspired you throughout your career?

Harrison: To be original its important to take your own path and try and learn as much on your own as possible, of course there was people along the way who helped me out and had an impact on me, but I would say just taking the time and listening to other artists who totally inspired me, drove me to where I am today. For example, Eminem was a huge inspiration since I was young.

V4. What should we expect from you release-wise for the rest of the year?

Harrison: Well something very special is about to happen and it’s not something to miss – it’s all just been confirmed so I’m just itching to tell but I just must wait a few more weeks. But release-wise, trust me it’s all coming right before the start of the summer season! Generally, it’s gonna be more solo Harrison tracks…

V5. You grow up in the U.K., but you have already visited a few countries out there. Are there any differences between the crowd and the fanbase in the U.K. compared to other countries? Any gig in particular that stands out when you think about it now?

Harrison: Funny enough I must say Ministry of Sound. Haha out of all the amazing places I travel, there’s definitely something special with Ministry. Its my home its always got the CRAZIEST vibes I just LOVE it there, I feel so comfortable.

V6. You have worked together with huge artists like Hardwell. How important is it for an artist to work with legendary producers like him?

Harrison: I am very grateful for all the opportunities I have had to work with artists such as Hardwell, and it has been a big stepping stone in my music career to get me to where I am now, but I have grown and learned from it and I am now way more independent and working on myself and my own sound.

V7. We hear you are changing your sound up – why is that?

Harrison: People like new fresh tracks and it’s like fashion you got to stick with the trends and they keep changing so it’s important to not become irrelevant. Also after all these now, I have learned so much and seen what I am actually capable of and that is so much more than just EDM.

V8. What direction do you hope your sound will go in? What will the premise be and will it be focusing on your distinctive vocals, like you have previously?

Harrison: It will go into a more pop/ radio-friendly sound, and yes, it will be way more vocal-based with more detail and meaning to the songs.

V9. What would you advise young artists who are currently making their first steps in the music industry?

First, it’s a tough industry and very saturated so you have got to find what will distinguish you from everyone. Second, when it doesn’t all go right you can’t just stop; that is the most crucial moment to give it all you got. I haven’t had a release in almost a year. It’s been KILLING me but I have just fought that much harder to try and be better. Try and make it happen. Thankfully, my hard work has FINALLY paid off, with this being said – NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP.

V10. Finally, what would Harrison like to be remembered for?

Harrison: An entertainer, making sure I can give everyone an insane experience and enjoyable music for you guys to want to listen to on a day to day basis. And then I’d like to be remembered as the guy who didn’t let all the “no’s” given to him rejecting his music stop him. Cause guess what guys….. HARRISON IS BACK and he’s better and stronger.

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