The return of Kadebostany: “MONUMENTAL – Chapter I” 4 song EP on Mahayana Records

Kadebostany‘s «MONUMENTAL – Chapter I» is a 4 song EP which mark the beginning of the MONUMENTAL era!

This first chapter features the amazing vocal talents of Kristina (“Joy & Sorrow“), Rhita Nattah (“Mind if I Stay and “Early Morning Dreams“), and Sissi Rada (“Eternal Boats“).

President Kadebostan has summoned his new army under the “MONUMENTAL” banner to further push the boundaries of the Kadebostany brand and challenge once again the rules of pop culture.

Kadebostany fortify their trademark singular pop aesthetics into something increasingly audacious and unpredictable, and just as broadly appealing.

«MONUMENTAL – Chapter I» EP is available through including a special remix by .

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