HIISAK – Exclusive Interview With The Italian Versatile Artist

With several solo releases and collaborations on the most well-known international labels, HIISAK is a rapidly growing Italian artist, always producing music thanks to his love for funky and groovy house. Collaborating multiple times with the great top duo Nari & Milani, who characterize him as a talent to watch in 2017, Paul Sanny (his real name)achieved world-wide attention with his innovative tribal sounds, releasing tracks on various major labels, such as Doorn, Maxximize, Sosumi & Flamingo Recordings. Viralbpm had the chance to talk with HIISAK about his latest releases, upcoming tracks and former projects, as a ghost producer.

V1. Tell us more about the man behind Hiisak; when did you start producing and what’s the story behind the name?

Hiisak: I started very early as a drummer, playing in a small school band. Then, I started with the first turntables at the age of 13. At 17, I released my first single on vinyl with the old music project “Paolo di mirò”. Hiisak project has only one year. I wanted to bring my music abroad so I decided to completely do a revolution.

V2. 2016 has been a big year for you with many successful tracks, among which “Camino del Sol”, “Copacabana,” and “The Drums” with Nari & Milani, “La Paz” with Djerem and «La Fanfarra» with Tom Swoon. How will you keep the momentum going in 2017 and what should we be on the lookout for?

Hiisak: I was very pleased to work with these artists. 2017 will be very challenging especially because I’m changing my music style.

V3. How would you descibe your music style to the ones that aren’t familiar with your sounds? Which producers or tracks have influenced you?

Hiisak: I think Hiisak in 2016 is recognizable with tribal sounds. I love music at 360 degrees and I also work with different genres, for me and for other artists. There are many artists that inspire me, like Axwell, Duke Dumont, Martin Solveig.

V4. You’ve been working for several years as Ghost Producer for some of the most famous hits in Italian radios and clubs of the early 2000s. Could you name some?

Hiisak: I worked as a DJ and producer for several years. Especially as producer in the last period hahah! Early 2000s are a bit too far back, there have been several productions on which I worked for example “Housemade – Move your ass”, a record with good success.

V5. In our recent interview with Nari & Milani, the Italian top duo characterized you as a talent to watch in 2017 and beyond? What’s your relationship with Maurizio and Ronnie, what was it like working with him and how do you feel about their continuous support?

Hiisak: I am very happy if they esteem me. It also makes me positive. We created a nice relationship of friendship and respect. Working together was really fun!

V6. On what project are you currently working on? Any collabo-projects you are currently involved with these days?

Hiisak: I’m working on different projects with different artists.

V7. You’ve released tracks on various major labels like Sosumi, Flamingo and Doorn Records. A release on which imprint would you say as a “dream that came true”?

Hiisak: I would like to bring my music project to major labels and radios.

V8. Which genres do you prefer the most for your radio show “OverRadio”? Any particular “standard recipe” for the tracks you choose to include?

Hiisak: I don’t have a particular receipt to select tracks. I always try to give as much space as possible and find cool sound.

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