Enzo Di Biasio from France, Freddy Sanchez with Daniel Etienne

Daniel Etienne, Freddy Sanchez & Enzo Di Biasio – Exclusive B2B Interview & Track Premiere Of “Feeling You” On Frisson Records

Feeling You” is the fruit of the collaborative effort between three up-and-coming talents, which are steadily building their reputation on the EDM scene. Enzo Di Biasio from France and Freddy Sanchez with Daniel Etienne from Mexico combined their diverse influences, which have resulted in a remarkable end product with unique summer vibes. Released on the newly-established and supported already by Fedde Le Grand among many others, Virallbpm is once again happy to premiere the rising label’s next record and talk with the three young producers about their groovy fueled single that is one of summer’s hottest anthems.

V1: Guys you’ve combined forces to produce Frisson Records’ latest installment, titled “Feeling You”. Tell us more about the track and the challenges you’ve faced completing the idea.

Daniel Etienne: To be honest, we barely had any problems while working on “Feeling You”. When I got the song, the idea was already there, just wanted to add my personal touch and do some fixes here and there.

Enzo Di Biasio: I used to making chopped vocal into my production, like I did for my previous released ‘All I See’ for example and I would to develop it on ‘Feeling You’. I really find this beautiful effect interesting, as it’s one of my best skills that I really want to keep and develop this technic into my music. As soon as I gather these elements, I sent it to my friend Freddy to get his own opinion on it! And he loves it, that is why we decided to finish it together!

Freddy Sanchez: Well I was talking with Enzo and we were trying to create a track together. However, nothing was working good. A few months later, he showed me an idea and since the beginning I fell in love with the vibe of the old school sound. I was playing the track in my mind, even when it wasn’t created yet. So we send it to Frisson! Daniel joined us on the trip making their own version without losing the whole vibe of the track. It’s really a team effort!

V2: Daniel Etienne, your former collabo-release “Party With Me” with CAIN on Eclypse Records was a disco filled track with groove and energy. What should we expect next?

Daniel Etienne: You never know what to expect from me! Sometimes I feel like doing Big Room, sometimes House or sometimes Groove. The only thing I can say about my upcoming releases is that they are some really energetic stuff!

V3: Enzo Di Biasio, you’ve recently launched a new label, titled Targeted Music. How do you feel about this step?

Enzo Di Biasio: Since last year, Targeted Music has been a part of my daily life, and It’s a superb project that I share with my friend Hany Allam and the fantastic team with who we’re working on every day! It allows us to develop the style of electronic music we love! But one of our main target is that we really want to give the chance to our artist to get big exposure. To this end, Dannic premiered 2 of our 5 first releases. Moreover, we also get our track played in the Thomas Gold’s radio show!

V4: Freddy Sanchez, your previous release was “Stardust” with Dark Eyes released on Ensis Records. How did it go in your sets? Anything new in the making?

Freddy Sanchez: To be honest, Dark Eyes is a pretty good friend of mine. We’ve matched musically because of the constant feedback. People always move their shoulders with Stardust and we are pretty happy with that, as it was the main goal since the begging! There’s gonna be pretty much new music by Dark eyes & myself. We’re working on new tracks alone, but also we got a couple tunes together in the making. So pretty soon, we gonna show them. It’s gonna be a great year of music for us in pretty good labels.

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