Armin van Buuren Announces “The Best Of Armin Only” Album

The Best Of Armin Only' is still a week away, but Armin van Buuren has already given fans a taste of what's to come. Today, the award-winning DJ and producer not only released his new single ‘My Symphony' as the anthem of his shows in the Amsterdam ArenA, but also launched the pre-order of his special ‘The Best Of Armin Only' album, which will see its full release on May 12th.

Pre-order ‘The Best Of Armin Only'

‘My Symphony', the anthem for ‘The Best Of Armin Only', saw its premiere six weeks ago, kicking off Armin van Buuren's titanic live set on the mainstage of Festival 2017.

The song has been buzzing incessantly since, captivating fans all over the globe with its jaw-dropping orchestral partitions, seamless incorporation of dance music and all-around amazing crossover potential. It's a song that captures Armin van Buuren's artistic versatility in its entirety, which makes it the perfect anthem for ‘The Best Of Armin Only'.

Simultaneously with the release of ‘My Symphony' on Armind, Armin van Buuren launched the pre-order of his ‘The Best Of Armin Only' album today.

The album, a two-disc body of work filled with Armin van Buuren's timeless classics and exclusive records alike, is also physically available through the ‘The Best Of Armin Only Special Box', which offers a custom-made sound box  in addition to the CDs.

As can be said of the album, the ‘The Best Of Armin Only' shows are where Armin van Buuren's twenty as an artist come together, from his first club memories to all of his personal highlights. The two shows are held at the Amsterdam ArenA on respectively May 12th and May 13th.  Fans who aren't able to attend will still be able to be a part of the happening! More information about this will soon be announced.

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