Gemellini – Exclusive Interview With The Sydney-Based Twins

They have been singing and playing instruments since they were in the same crib, literally. The Sydney-based talents Davide and Andrea Sartori, better known as “Gemellini”, which means “little twins” in colloquial Italian, have quickly caught the attention of industry tastemakers all over the the globe with their dynamic production style and sharp signature sound. After having sold-out a great number of headline shows across USA and Europe in the last few years, Gemellini managed to forge an impressive reputation and an ever-growing international fan-base for their hypnotic basslines and tribal influenced beats. Viralbpm had the chance to sit down and interview the Italian in origin iconic brotherly duo and unveils -among other stuff- their source of inspiration and the collaboration of their dreams!

V1: You’ve been producing under the alias, “Gemellini”. Would you like to share with us the background of your name?

Gemellini: Sure, our heritage is Italian. Gemellini – means little twins in colloquial Italian. We are of course twins and our family overseas always calls us Gemellini, so we took that as our name.

V2: How did you initially start producing and recording your own tracks and remixes?

Gemellini: We grew up playing instruments, (piano mainly) and singing when we were little. We used to record songs on Italian compilation albums. Once we started getting more into Dj’ing and electronic music, it was natural that we started making our own music.

V3: Is there any source of inspiration behind your work? Any artist or songs that inspired you during your early days of producing electronic music?

Gemellini: Artists like Eric Morillo, Eric Prydz, Dirty South, in our early days were huge inspirations and still are today. Their music is always uplifting, progressive and always has a great vibe and groove to it. We always strive to have records like they do, which make people so happy and want to dance.

V4: You have recently released some dope tracks on and Code Red; Obviously you’re making some heat these days with “Manga” and “Isla”. What’s next on your plan?

Gemellini: We want to continue making records like Isla. It has that percussive progressive momentum into it. We also want to write a couple records with some great vocals, to capture a vocal – “close your eyes and sing” feeling to a couple records also.

V5: Are there any artists or people who helped you in the early days of releasing your own stuff?

Gemellini: For example, choosing the right label etc. Tommy Trash (Great Guy. He used to provide us with a whole sheet of feedback, comments and things we should tweak/change here and there. Also people like Kryder and Tom Staar have helped with great feedback, and have said things like “it’s almost there it just needs _______”. Regarding the right label, we’ve just been fortunate to have been welcomed to the family of some great labels like Big Beat, Code Red and Sosumi.

V6: You’ve been clearly developing your sound over the years, so we were wondering if it’s hard for an artist to keep also some things from his early days, like sticking with some of its roots.

Gemellini: Our earlier days we had more progressive/electro vibe. We were still very raw and fresh with music so we never quite “hit the nail on the head” with a couple of our earlier work. Once we started bringing in a tech flare to our progressive songs, we really felt we were finally making a true “Gemellini” sound.

V7: Which artist would you characterize as the “collaboration of your dreams”?

Gemellini: That’s a tough question. We’d say definitely. But we would jump at the opportunity to collaborate with people like Deniz Koyu, Alesso, Major Lazer and Chainsmokers.

V8: How’s the electronic music scene in Italy?

Gemellini: We know more about the music scene in Australia than we do Italy. But we have played in Rome and we can say it’s a vibrant music scene. We believe the Italians are really vibing on tech house and techno. Also up north, the “groove movement” is really taking off thanks to Promise Land and our good friends and Madwill.

V9: Besides producing and playing on live shows, do you have any hobbies or in general things you like to do in your free time?

Gemellini: In our free time you’ll always find us with our friends and family. Whether it be going to the beach in the summer or at a restaurant having a meal and a coffee. We enjoy playing sports to, particularly football (soccer).

V10: Any last words for our readers?

Gemellini: Yep, thank you to those who have supported our music! It means so much to us, we truly do appreciate it.

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