DJ/Producer Mike Williams Announces New Video Series 

With a rapidly developing profile and innovative flair for the creative, Dutch DJ and Producer can reveal he’s launching his exclusive behind the scenes video series today, alongside his film maker sister Michelle.

Mike explained the idea behind the project – “My sister and I both love being on tour and travel the world! We thought it would be cool for people to see every aspect of being a DJ, because sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned and we think people would want to see that as well!”

‘On Tour with Mike Williams’, is an episodic look into the life of the producer and will focus on his hectic schedule as he travels the world. Showcasing exciting behind the scenes footage and electrifying live shows, Mike will be accompanied by his sister and his team that helps make it all happen.

Michelle explains, “Sometimes everything happens so fast during a tour, that I only realize what amazing things we have done when I look at the footage when we’re back at home”.

So go on the road with Mike and get up close and personal with the producer as Michelle guides you through each day, taking in the sights leading up to the gig in each city, and get to know the siblings on their exciting adventure.

The first episode is available right now and you’ll find Mike in Durban, South Africa where fans are given an insight into the making of the music video for ‘Take Me Down’.

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